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  1. Loving the random Greece forecast I wonder if they even have daily weather forecasts.
  2. Squally winds & rumbling from this isolated cell heading over to Yorkshire from the Pennines
  3. I'm usually an optimist, but GFS & GEM are painting a miserable picture for the start of the school holidays and beyond.
  4. This monster has blocked our evening sunshine. I'm in Huddersfield so this is over the Pennines in Lancashire.
  5. BBC all the way. This is a proper side. It's gonna take an absolute worldie from Italy to get back into this. If they do? We go to 2nd gear !!!!
  6. Italy's Flair & flamboyance Vs an organised and solid England... May the best team win
  7. That 5th image of the Azores stretching far past Scandinavia is model porn for me. That's the classic '76 kinda chart isn't it?!
  8. Wow. If these were to verify is it correct to presume it could be a vintage summer ala '76 '95 etc?
  9. Absolutely gutted. I've taken up golf again for the first time in 8 years and heading to Belfast next Thursday. I've been following the posts on here closely and when the breakdown kept on being developed I feared the worst. Bloody typical. I'm hoping this unsettled spell is just a blip to look after the farmers and we can get back on track asap. That low trapped between two highs really gives me the blues in Summer...
  10. Any talk of breakdowns is definitely looking at a half empty glass IMO. It's a dream start to summer. High pressure is clearly our friend for the foreseeable and we're potentially looking at the first proper flaming June in yonks. Yeehaaa
  11. I was born in '76 and I'm often reminded of that summer. I remember '95 well as I was commuting over the Pennines from Bradford and witnessed Scammonden dam turn into a virtual dust bowl. 2013 was the next best for prolonged dry weather. It would be a dream for this spell to reload for weeks on end.
  12. The 18Z GFS is showing an abundance of HP all over northern Europe and long may it continue. Welcome to meteorological Summer everyone
  13. 2003 was the year I really got fascinated by weather watching. High pressure was omnipresent over and around the UK for months. I remember in August it parked to the west of Ireland for the month just close enough to keep any toppling lows at bay. The summer wasn't exceptional for heat, but was very dry and settled.
  14. How did I know you'd see the glass half empty In your absence the charts were looking worse than they currently are for anything settled so I'm optimistic they'll continue to improve
  15. Totally with you on this. Change is good. Let's hope the dice roll favourably for summer warmth
  16. This sentence is music to my ears. Thanks once again for an enjoyable and insightful post. Hope you have a safe and enjoyable journey sunwards
  17. Thanks Tamara. I enjoyed reading this and for once I actually get it! Cheers
  18. What's the thinking behind this set up? Moist/mild southerlies being pulled up then clashing with frigid easterlies?
  19. I've had a few days off watching the models and everything is still 10+ days off
  20. Shared album - Bryan Munslow - Google Photos PHOTOS.APP.GOO.GL Shared album - Bryan Munslow - Google Photos PHOTOS.APP.GOO.GL i was lucky enough to be in Rhodes to witness this yesterday. It was amazing!
  21. This was really close, after it died off, it reformed and wrecked the hotel next door, there was allsorts flying about.
  22. What a day. About 10 waterspouts formed in front of my hotel in Rhodes, 3 came in land a made a right mess of next doors parasols etc. I've never seen anything like it. Insane to be so close. I filmed a few, this was after the initial spout had seemingly died off.
  23. Hope this scenario verifies! September has consistently delivered a warm settled spell like this chart shows.
  24. Thankyou for sharing this site, I've never heard of it! It's ace!
  25. Sat in the Judge lodgings in York centre, it's gone very dark, windy and it feels like I could be in luck for a storm!
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