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  1. OH MY WORD!!! I've been avoiding the charts for a few weeks as I couldn't bare looking at the outlook! A scandi high will be just the tonic for the farmers ( and us)
  2. Joe Basta rdi was suggesting the cool pool over Russia would be sufficient to cause another potential plume event here with another trough over the Atlantic... Although the price we're now paying for that last event is thoroughly depressing.
  3. Can't believe how slack the pattern is on this at day 10, I've never seen such a benign chart.
  4. Looks like the Lancashire got all the action this afternoon, looks like the storms heading over the channel and up through London will head this side of the Pennines.... Fingers crossed anyway. 33.7 in Cleckheaton today. Was gorgeous!
  5. Hallelujah. The severe bit appears to be slap bang over me in West Yorkshire.... Bring It On!
  6. This would be a very welcome 'breakdown' for the weekend... Still pleasantly warm... How many fronts will be associated with that low though?
  7. It's the start of the school summer holidays so I'd definitely back your latter summation!
  8. We'd be better off with a South Westerly than an anticyclone that's basically a mass of swirling cloud! Can't believe how poor the outlook is today and tomorrow with a high sat right over us! The devil is always in the detail isn't it.
  9. The output could be much much worse, here near the penninesit's been pretty decent since the awful start to June. Thenk the lord theJet isn't parked over us this summer!
  10. BBC weather for the week makes the same assertion. The high just never creeps in enough!
  11. Countryfile forecast shows the high toppling over from the northeast and seriously suppressing the temps. Glastonbury looks like THE hottest place to be.. lucky for them
  12. It's been great seeing the possible extremes though hasn't it.
  13. Yet Paul Hudson on BBC weather just said there'll be a breakdown from Sunday night. Weird
  14. Realistically, what would aid that low in staying south and west? A strong high? Or would the coreolis effect eventually push it over us?
  15. It's an absoluteley incredible chart! we're talking about roads melting, rail tracks buckling! I don't beleive it will verify though until it's been plastered on the Express fromt page.
  16. Just in time for Glastonbury. Therefore it's bound to go tits up.
  17. Thanks for putting this together. It makes grim reading for the rest of summer!
  18. The new update debuts on tonight's 12z. Fingers crossed it continues the positive trends....
  19. Spain & France taking a right battering too! At least we're not alone.
  20. There's been lots of high pressure around us this year, Azores, Scandinavian, Euro.... We'll hit the jackpot at some point.
  21. Thanks for your in depth analysis Tamara, one thing always comes to mind though, see your paragraph here: " The VP200 tropical convection anomalies clearly show up the suppression phase over the Pacific and active phase in the Indian Ocean that is responsible for the step up in trade winds which is creating the La Nina-esque type pattern downstream to the Atlantic and European sector in the coming period - " Pacific conditions are often quoted/attributed to being factors in the conditions here, but in turn, don't the conditions here affect what's happening there, like El Nino causing drought in Australia when causing the opposite in South America?
  22. Wow! Looking like a proper spell of settled anticyclonic weather is on its way, that low pressure west of Biscay would pump some seriously warm air our way! I bloody love synoptics like this in June!
  23. I remember the World Cup in Germany 2006, the spring had seen terrible weather and on June 1st...boom... A huge anticyclone plonked itself over Europe and I spent a month travelling round Germany under azure blue skies and blazing sun. It's looking like summer '19 will start with a similar aplomb (albeit an Azores high initially) hope we get a similar summer to that. Wasn't July '06 an absolute steamer too?
  24. BBC county file weather for the week bullish about a wet and windy weekend.
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