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  1. We have a dusting of snow here. Looks like a few showers made it through.
  2. Cold but dry here. Enjoying the photos nonetheless. Time for a northerly!
  3. I think our only chance this week was the low but that seems to be less likely now. There were mumbling about a northerly following but that also seems to have gone titicus verticus.
  4. Consistent with the Met forecast I suppose.
  5. The one just heading into Moray Firth? You'd think that would have enough puff wouldn't you?
  6. Low now showing further south so looks like I might not see any snow this week...
  7. I think any amber warnings will be issued at fairly short notice.
  8. Now in yellow warning zone for Storm Hoolie's snow... permission to ramp! It mentions rural communities being cut off...
  9. Probably going to be cold and dry here. I'll bide my time for the winds swinging round to the north later in the month.