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  1. Yes, warm and humid. Some big clouds bubbling up already.
  2. When we get a weekend as wet and grey as this, it really reminds me how good this summer has been so far.
  3. I don't think we've had any thunder in the original warning period!
  4. I think this will be on and off all night.
  5. Weather warning out for NE Scotland from 2am Saturday for thunderstorms.
  6. Not a bad storm in the end. Seems to have passed now but lightning every few seconds.
  7. Lightning spotted and first thunder heard!
  8. Potential storms for the E/NE overnight?
  9. Looks like we're in with a chance overnight in NE Scotland.
  10. Normally I'd agree with you but last Sunday was also toasty and cloudy. Today seems sunnier.
  11. Garden thermometer here says 20.8C but it is certainly warm and much better than yesterday.