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  1. The whole weekend was warm and humid here. Got over 25C on Sunday albeit plenty of cloud around. Breakfast in the garden and sitting outside beyond 10pm both possible! A bit of welcome today.
  2. Quite a bit of cloud around but lovely and warm. Currently 21.5C.
  3. 100% blue skies here this morning.
  4. Are we going to get above 20C next week? Apps seem programmed to a old ever going that high - I've lost count of the number of times they only update once the temp is already past 20C!
  5. Cloud breaking up here so hopeful of some afternoon sunshine. Sunday would mark four weeks since last measurable rainfall.
  6. Sun really trying but cloudy all morning. Still no sign of rain. Now three weeks since anything measurable here.
  7. Warm, sunny and humid again. More evidence of convection and earlier too buy I still don't think we'll get any rain here. Ground is parched.
  8. No measurable rain here since 13 May.
  9. Gorgeous day here in Aberdeenshire.
  10. Warm, humid and sunny in Aberdeen. Some large cumulus bubbling up to the western horizon. Time to have the afternoon off!
  11. Guess which part of Scotland won't be getting any storms...
  12. Foggy start but ended up another cracking day here.
  13. Haar clearing here to sunny skies.