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  1. Usual story here, rain petering out as it reaches here.
  2. Looks like some sferics around Montrose.
  3. Another lovely day here. Currently 20.3C. I see there is another yellow warning for thunderstorms and radar forecast shows some showers moving in here around 9pm so we shall see. No hogging them again Fife/Edinburgh!
  4. 21.5C, blue skies and feeling great outside. Soak it up if you can folks!
  5. Not a bad day here. Feeling warmish in the sun although some large shower clouds visible to the west.
  6. Not too bad yesterday. Warm in the sun but a bit of a breeze. One heavy shower moved through after lunch and gave a few rumbles of thunder as it moved away.
  7. Grey day, a little bit of light rain this morning but just cloudy now. Feeling a lot cooler than recently.
  8. No point putting a warning for the whole of Scotland, just a big circle round Edinburgh and Fife!
  9. Dry, sun has now come out and feeling warm.
  10. Just bland grey here. No rain, no storms. I knew it!
  11. Rain off here I think. I doubt we'll get any thunder tomorrow. Hopefully it stays sunny.
  12. Edinburgh and Fife hogging all the storms again I see...
  13. Still nowt here, none dry. Close but no cigar.
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