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  1. Third day of thunder this month but I didn't see the funnel cloud myself this time.
  2. We had a short spell of blue skies then back to grey and now a very heavy but short burst of rain.
  3. Storms just arriving here. A few rumbles and lightning approaching from the SE.
  4. Looks like tomorrow morning for us if anything. Haar back in now after three fine days.
  5. Max of 21C here but feels lovely and very sunny. Feel we have a chance of storms here Friday into Saturday.
  6. Thunder skimmed by here but no rain. Beautiful clouds though..
  7. My wife is reporting wet snow falling back home in Tarves. Only rain in Aberdeen though.
  8. Still waiting for snow here. Saw a couple of flakes in the wind last Monday but it was blink and you miss it stuff...
  9. Cold wind but blue skies.and dry here. Not a single flake of snow all winter...
  10. Frosty start here again. At least it feels reasonably seasonal here for now.
  11. Hello all, time for another winter rollercoaster...
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