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  1. Front has cleared through entirely as snow here.
  2. We got snow in the end! Looking at radar it came about 3 hours ago. Gave an inch or two!
  3. Just logged in here to see what was going on and find it's snowing everywhere except here! Cold and clear all day! At least I still have my thin covering from last Sunday...
  4. It's a bit sleetier now. Definitely some "consistency" to the rain hitting the windows...
  5. 4.7C here. Have a funny feeling I might get some slushy stuff overnight.
  6. Yellow warning for Snow and ice now in North of Scotland. Saturday night into Sunday.
  7. Like mirror image of 2010/11 winter? Back ended version... permission to ramp discretely!
  8. Snow cover on grass and cars. Not sticking on road yet. More top ups needed overnight!
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