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  1. Snow covering the ground here.
  2. My gut feeling is it might be further south this time but last time it trended north as the event got nearer so who knows.
  3. If it's snowing in Dundee then I must be in with a shout
  4. I wonder if it's snowing at home. Rain in Aberdeen at the moment.
  5. Still flurrying away here.
  6. Bleak cold, grey day with snow showers on and off. Still a few flakes coming down. Snow now great for snowballs and sledging. First sledging with my little girl (aged 3). We were away when it snowed in December and last few winters have been poor here.
  7. Grey with snow showers topping up cover.
  8. Yep, getting heavier here, best since Weds am. Sort of snow that sticks to everything!
  9. Drove home. Nothing falling until just after Pitmedden. Got to Tarves and it's a winter wonderland! Light to moderate snow but settling readily. Better than anything yesterday!
  10. Might be a fun drive home then! I'll ask my wife for an update...
  11. I noticed it was coming south. Fraserburgh got pasted last night and looks like it again now. No doubt it will peter out before getting to me...
  12. Much more frequent and heavier showers here tonight than any time during the day.
  13. Looking better on radar for me now.