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  1. surprise surprise, whenever snow is forecast here and the warnings come out sure enough it never arrives. Unwanted wind storm though different matter....
  2. Little bit of blue sky appearing, most welcome after the dank grey and wet weather of the last few days.
  3. Had a nice little covering to wake up to this morning, at least Im not in the no snow club anymore....!
  4. Still just rain at work in Bradley Stoke.
  5. Just going to be the usual rainfest in Gloucester again!
  6. A firm vote for dry cold and frosty, if we can't have snow. Absolutely no to wind and rain - have enough of that all year...
  7. From a southern based perspective, it is very much Autumn and arguably also the first week or two in December is too most years. Spring tends to start around the third week of February, after that date it takes exceptional weather to get any snow lying more than a handful of hours. March is definitely spring.
  8. Complete waste of time moving back to GMT, still needed to put the light on this morning when I got up so no benefit there, but now I will also be leaving work in the dark. Whilst the total amount of daylight will reduce, so neither time zone would alter that fact, at least the descent to darkness would have been more gradual.
  9. The initial forecast was for a rapid deterioration from the 18th October, so I would say it is already a bust, even if we ended up in a mobile westerly regime in the end.
  10. Another hot and sunny day here, kids have been in and out of the paddling pool most of the day.
  11. I have downloaded it and my youngest and I went out on saturday and gave it a go. He enjoyed it and it was quite fun but it does drain the battery very quickly and the app is a bit temper mental, it crashed twice as we captured pokemon. Our house is between two Pokestations and it was interesting to see how many kids were out and about playing the game. I will play it again with my son but overall I prefer geocaching which I find much more rewarding.
  12. Its still feeling very muggy in the office though, even with the window open.
  13. whoops somethings gone wrong at the Met Office this afternoon - Amber warning for snow for an hour tonight.....
  14. I'll have an 8.9c please
  15. The cloud is breaking up nicely and there are some sunny spells at the moment, might pop out for a walk at lunchtime.