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  1. In our case we are trying to predict the bottom, 6-9mnths in advance, as that is the delay between taking on a new business property and the point of starting trading fully... Currently I believe 1st qtr 2010 as the bottom leading to the start of a very slow recovery qtr 4 2010. The problem is the election will cause further turmoil and instability so it is almost impossible to call at this stage. We nearly took the plunge 4 months ago, the rents were starting to go up (or rather discounts reducing) and competition for decent retail properties was excessive. Fortunately I pulled out at that ti
  2. I have had the limits cut on 2 cards from different banks (one not used), it seems fairly common at the moment. Perversely, I spoke to my business bank about an overdraft facility about a year ago, but at the time didn't have the time to follow through with the application. On Monday I had a call from them following it up and asking if I wanted any more borrowing. They aren't offering overdrafts any more, but are pushing small businesses down the company credit card route. I can see a lot of businesses taking on additional debt in that form as it is the only option offered. We shall wait and s
  3. It's threads and media reporting like this that start panic buying, runs on banks or suicide! I would like to throw a slightly different angle on the recession, there are a large number of people who are doing very nicely at the moment. Low mortgage rates shaving several hundred pounds a month off payments, lower petrol and general expediture etc making them feel very rich at the moment. I am a retailer at the sharp end, in a luxury market - marine aquariums and livestock - hardly essential, and a highly competitive market. Whilst my sales may not be typical, they are showing a pattern cons
  4. I remember it too, my mum was determined to get us to school that day as she had to get her "hair done"! The roads were treacherous and the snow kept falling, (this was in Surrey travelling from Newdigate to Leatherhead). I don't know how she put up with us moaning from the back of the car as the journey which normally took 35 mins took an hour and half.. as we finally pulled up outside the school she conceded defeat and took us with her to get her "hair done" in Dorking. An hour and half watching the perm set while the snow kept falling, it was so bad she took us straight home when the only d
  5. We were very lucky today, having Leeds down to 10 men obviously helped. I can't see our 100% record staying for long unless we find some better form. But for now I am just enjoying being top of the league! Come on Palace!
  6. OON, I have to unreservedly apologies for this comment! Completely my own fault for trusting a friend who is an Ipswich fan, he sent me a doctored match repport from the Ipswich Vs Palace game which stated that Ipswich had won convincingly 1-0! After the disaapointing start we had to last season, I could not bring myself to read the match reports. I should have checked for myself before slating the nearest available Ipswich fan in a fit of depression. So just to make up for it, I luv you OON and Ipswich....Thanks for the win! Steve. P.S "We are top the league, Say we are top the league" Come
  7. I'll wait until we get a win before I nail my colours to the mast. OON I hate you..... ooops did I type that outloud.
  8. Well here is me! At least the guy in the background makes me look slim! Steve
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