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  1. Hello all! I haven’t been online in a while, so thought I’d make a return! Starting to feel like winter really has arrived recently, fingers crossed for some snow for everyone this winter!
  2. Yes!! Halfway through just after he mentioned somewhere had 50cm of level snow haha.
  3. Thanks Derek, rub it in with a picture of Hendy, just up the road with no snow.
  4. Last night we had just about enough for an icing sugar topping for a cake, despite it snowing for hours on end. Better go find an edible hat this afternoon, very disappointing. If anyone hates snow come live in either Llanelli, Swansea or thereabouts
  5. I’ll join you - I’ll be far too jealous of everyone’s snow pictures to not eat it! Just starting to lightly snow in Pontarddulais
  6. Looking at the radar and looking at the current temperature...If it doesn’t snow later I’ll eat my hat!
  7. Temperatures were low enough here for snow last night but lacklustre precipitation! It would be nice to see some actual proper snowflakes this winter instead of hail/graupel which seems to turn up more than anything here! If only we could get some of the precipitation intensity we get in rain showers, we'd be laughing!
  8. Not much more than sleet here again...temperatures have risen again in the past hour or so
  9. Well that was a surprise...it's turned to snow!
  10. Not much more than a bit of sleet mixed with the rain here so far
  11. First post back in a little while, would be nice for an "upgrade" in terms of temperatures being slightly cooler than forecasted, especially for us near the coast/lower levels where 90% of the time its just that degree or two too warm for snow unfortunately.
  12. Some very violent gusts of wind here today! We are used to the strong winds/gusts down on the coast but there was a menacing feel to it especially when the power went out for 3 hours
  13. I dont know if you still need info regarding muscle building exercises, but I'll mention some on here just incase! The best muscle building exercises are the heavy compound lifts; things like bench press, squats, deadlifts, various rows, pull ups, dips etc. When I say best I mean the most bang for your buck since they work through multiple joints unlike isolation exercises i.e. bicep curls. Of course there is still room for some quality isolation exercises in a program to supplement the main lifts. One important thing to mention though is they MUST be done with good form and I recommend having a fitness instuctor or other qualified professional teach you the proper technique since you can pick up some very nasty injuries especially doing the squats and deadlifts if they are done wrong. Hope this helps.
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