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  1. Right on the edge of it here in WR9, nothing happening yet but looking at the radar it’s moving. As soon as lamppost observations confirm flakes I’ll report in!
  2. Can finally confirm we had a dusting overnight in WR9! Yesterday was entirely a rain event whilst others had snow but we finally saw the first flakes of winter!
  3. Snowing here! 3rd day in a row! 50p flakes settling on wet ground that I cleared earlier...
  4. Yeah some intensification happening - look at the NW radar for Worcester then run the time back to 18:30 then compare to Latest... Big difference and I’m on the edge and can confirm bigger flakes
  5. Definite peppage going on here as one of the darker areas on the radar moves over!
  6. Agreed it's similar just up the road from Worcester in Droitwich as we are under the heavier pulses on the radar and it's coming down really well! The flakes are bigger and slightly wetter presumably due to the temps not being as low as yesterday so they are sticking to everything
  7. Snow just started here! (Droitwich) Proper flakes not like yesterday. Annoyingly the heavier band on the radar is just E/NE of me so anyone in Redditch or Studley should be seeing something more significant...
  8. I can report it's finally proper snowflakes here after a day of snow mist or snow drizzle! Got a few of cms lying snow and mini drifts but the bigger stuff has finally arrived after being agonisingly close on the radar for the last couple of hours. Still in the Amber warning zone here so get checking those lampposts everyone!
  9. Epic snow! Happy snow day Midlanders! ?? Off to build a snowman! ❄️⛄️
  10. Properly snowing in Droitwich now! Even got a slight covering as the heavier band passes through!
  11. Well I’ve seen my first flakes of this winter! Left Stourbridge at 11pm and it was coming down quite nicely! Car temp showed 2C. As I travelled back to Droitwich the temp rose to 3C and the skies were clear. Hoping for something later though!
  12. Light flames blowing on the wind here! Won't last long but still
  13. Confirm snowing small flakes in Birmingham city centre!
  14. I'm "well jel" as the kids would say. I can watch the cams for hours. Here's some live feeds from ABC News (with accompanying atmospheric music!) White House Capitol Building Philadelphia
  15. Left work in Brum during moderate snowfall. Saw lying snow at Selly Oak station platform then arrive back home and it's just wet no lying snow barely even raining although it snowed earlier this pm according to my sources. Disappointing.
  16. Snow here at work in Brum City Centre
  17. Snow reported at home but still dry here in Brum City centre...
  18. Snow here right now! Nice little surprise!
  19. https://forum.netweather.tv/topic/82300-model-output-discussion-16th-jan-12z-onwards-smile-while-you-post/?p=3128174 Re. Wednesday what are we Midlanders to make of Steve Murr's post in the MOD thread..? Post #677 if the link won't work.
  20. First snow of Winter 2014/15 here! big wet flakes but impressive quantity falling!
  21. Just a washout here never even had any sleet. Still a good one for some Midlands members judging by the pics!
  22. Looks good at The Hawthorns! Jeff Stelling says it's coming down well and Chris Kamara actually in the ground was singing let it snow! Meanwhile still it rains in WR9...
  23. Still plain old rain here - not even sleeting either but I continue lamppost vigilance...
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