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  1. My No storms club is purely for frustrations and moaning and whatever pessimism a member may feel. So please say all you want in there about your lack of storms but keep it in reason too. Please keep this thread free of all misery it really is beginning to get depressing. And please again don't start on me after all I am trying to bring the Optimism and trying to keep this thread flowing. It's so exhausting sometimes trying to keep things as they should be!!!
  2. Come on storm lovers let's not ruin this thread with pessimism . We should all be excited whether anything happens or no the fun part is not knowing.Just watch the radars storms can travel anywhere even where they have not been forecast. The build up I find is always exciting enough in itself . I'm always the optimist I know but gawd look at the potential out there.In a way I have a little fear of intense storms but there is also an excitement there too. Stay safe everyone because who knows what it may all bring. No pessimistic replies allowed please.
  3. Wow!I had an incredible storm 1am this morning with a brilliant lightning show that lasted an hour and half. The lightning was amazing.
  4. can't. get on the internet today how typical today of all blinkin days :(

    1. lassie23


      Could be worse, could be Saturday!

  5. Morning all, please carry on over here.. http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/80884-spanish-plume-anyone-storm-and-convective-discussion-17th-july-onwards/
  6. New thread starting on Thursday. http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/80884-spanish-plume-anyone-storm-and-convective-discussion-17th-july-onwards/ for the up and coming Plume! have locked it for now and will reopen on Thursday In the meantime please continue on this thread.. Thank you
  7. Over to here now folks http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/80807-storm-and-convective-discussion-7th-july-onwards/ and please polarlow please feel free to repost your pics over to the new thread and that also applies to any members with any recent pics,forecast or videos. Thank youuu
  8. And it's on with a new thread I've had 4 rumbles in the past 2 days not bad considering I have been very storm starved for a very long time Lol. Looks to be more tomorrow, now who's going to strike lucky tomorrow It's a shame I have nothing here tonight as the convection is awesome. Anyway, here's hoping to read some great reports and don't forget your pics and videos which are most appreciated Good luck everyone
  9. Thunderstorm phobias anyone? Please feel free to discuss in the thread below. http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/49186-thunderstorm-phobias/
  10. Welcome new members Please pop your locations in your profiles. Thanks and good luck.
  11. The cloudscapes here are amazing to portend tonights potential. I have plenty of coffee on hand to stay awake.
  12. Matthew Hugo on twitter is saying: Night storms...Always good fun, could well be some into the early hours of Saturday. https://twitter.com/MattHugo81/status/474863014437748736/photo/1
  13. Valid From Fri 6 Jun : 22:00 BST(In 11hrs) Valid UntilSun 8 Jun : 04:00 BST (41hrs remaining) Advance Weather Warning For Severe Wind Gusts, Heavy Rain & Large Hail This warning has now been upgraded and updated to include Southern and South-east England. A large area of low pressure to the South-west of the UK will introduce a plume of warm and unstable air across the UK later this evening and overnight into tomorrow. There remains uncertainty with regards to the exact track of imported storms from France and not everyone will experience them, however the potential is for organised mu
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