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  1. Cycling in the Pru London Surrey 100 Sportive 4th August For the charity BLISS, support of prem babies and families please sponsor me at http://uk.virginmone...team/ride4bliss

  2. Today i'll be mostly playing golf tonight on a hill in a thunderstorm, so if you see me coming over the hill then sing the song!!

  3. oooo rrrrrr :-)

  4. No jet lag after the storm chase tour!!....'AVE IT!!

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    2. jimbo36


      lol, i do shift work so know all the tricks to get body clock back in shape :-)....zopiclone being the best!

    3. Supercell 89

      Supercell 89

      Lol yeah last year i felt half dead for two weeks but this year i've been ok, was tired on Tuesday and Wednesday but i'm ok now. How you finding being back at work?

    4. jimbo36


      no probs mate, back on the tuesday and done 2 12 hour days and 2 12 hour nights straight off :-)

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