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  1. Waste of time in Dorking, light dusting and seemed to be stuck in the hole on the radar, anything coming near just fragments before it gets here. As Catherine Tate's Nan would say..... Wot a load of 'ol sh!!......
  2. Ya wrong, so wrong, it will be remnants of Bertha, even the Meto quote it as such, unless you think their chief forecaster doesn't know what he's talking about. The remains of hurricane Bertha, over the western side of the Atlantic on Thursday morning, will come steadily towards the UK. The transition from a tropical to an extra-tropical featureis a particularly hard one to forecast with confidence, and computer models continue to differ in thelocation and intensity of the resulting depression, which is expected to pass over, or close to, the UKfrom early on Sunday. There is the potential for widespread rainfall totals of more than 50 mm and coastal gusts of over60 mph, along with large waves. However, the system may pass harmlessly to the south of the country.or spread heavy rain even further north, and the public are advised to keep up to date with warnings.
  3. anyone on curent tour or next tour can bring back some golden virginia tobacco for me, as given up in convinving 16yr old daughter not to smoke, so may as well get duty free!!
  4. Think the Daily Express forecast came last........again
  5. Hi Paul, yep remember them now, in my vodka fuelled rants, must have lost the one with dates on.Wish the non refundable deposit was made clearer, maybe it was just me not reading all the small print, but that's how i roll.Shame, as has left me feeling bitter with myself & NW
  6. Thanks for the reply Paul, but this is the email above that nobody received. I knew i was on tour 2 but had assumed the dates based on previous years. However last month, i needed to confirm dates, but no info on either website, so i asked Ian on FB and he gave me the dates, which wasn't what i was expecting and clashed with my wife's trip to Finland, so i had to cancel. If i'd have known the dates back in June then i would have had to cancel and the wording in the email no-one received As part of the early-bird booking you can cancel now if none of these dates suit you. If you'd like to do this please let me by replying to this email or call on 0208 090 2490 within the next 7 days and we'll refund your deposit for you. should have applied. I hear Cookie and Kirsty have tried numerous times to get info and payment plans set up, but got no answers to emails, others are pulling out as communications have either been poor or non existent. People can't book flights as they haven't heard what tour they are on or what the dates are. We, as regular storm chasers, would have appreciated refunds of our deposits as a goodwill gesture based on the lack of earlier communications, non existent payment plans and lack of detail on either website. At the moment there are a lot of very pithed off and annoyed regular storm chasers out there as we are a close knit group who communicate regularly with each other. Regards Jimbo
  7. Didn't realise others had issues with poor comms.Mine's a different problem, non refundable deposit that i didn't know about, i've had to cancel but not getting deposit back.Eventually found the statement in an attachment within an attachment on the original email for early birds.2011 comms were great for my first year, T shirts, banter, a who's who of all the chasers.Last year had none of that apart from what the chasers created themselves and this year even worse, with no reference to tour dates, had to ask Ian on Facebook, and all last years info on both websites.Not exactly a great advert for newbies.
  8. Best i stick to facebook, these forums are becoming pointless, no-one reads them
  9. Slo mo vid of the lightning from that evening. Slo mo caught my eye as some CG's appear to strike field in front of us but not at the time. Any ideas?
  10. WTF are you on about? Shouldn't you be institutionalised or writing such rubbish elsewhere?
  11. nice one Tommy Boy, only just clocked this, wish these forums worked like other social media and get notified somehow or even get link via FB
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