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  1. Snow rating - 9.5/10 (You can never have enough snow) Cold temperatures - 9.5/10 37 cms of snow in this area. 33 cms of that fell from Sunday evening until 5pm Tuesday. The winds died down from early Wednesday so we lost the convective ability. We achieved just over 40 cms here in 2010 - that had 5 days worth of convective action. Had we managed to get another day or two of convective showers in this event then 50cms wouldn't have been out of the question. So, Feb 21 will be mentioned in the same breath as 2010 - to almost achieve what we got in 2010 in half the time is staggering.
  2. Good grief, I don't know what to say. Measured just over a foot of snow...
  3. Still some snowfall to come for sure - heavy showers on and off until later tomorrow night when they will probably become less frequent so will be interesting to see how things go tonight and tomorrow. Good to see those further south now in on the action and enjoying the whiteout conditions.
  4. This is what will be moving south over the next couple of days. Whiteout!
  5. How about the beast from 2018/19? - Some people don't realise or forget how cold the uppers were!
  6. Wanna bet? There could be 2 Beasts from the East if the models are to be believed. 😆
  7. Excellent agreement from all the main models for a Scandinavian High - JMA wants in on the fun too.
  8. It hits 525 metres ASL, that's seriously high. It's classified as a hamlet according to a quick google search but there only seems to be a couple of houses there. After the heavy snow in the early hours, woke up this morning to sleet and wet snow. Another hour or two and there will be no marginality.
  9. Snowbigging as this one is snowier than the other 😄
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