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  1. I'm just in from work. I left at 915 this morning and arrived at a garage 10 mins away and took a pic straight away to capture my white van not blending in with the green surroundings
  2. I've been looking at all the precipitation charts which are available to us in the public domain over the years and the EURO4 is not the best. I find the ECM precipitation charts to be nearer the mark although it only really gives an idea as to how much precipitation there will be, rather than type. For example... This evening's 12Z output has a lot for much of Scotland...
  3. Parts of Scotland are looking at a significant snowfall event on Thursday.
  4. GFS has now pushed the PPN further North and it is looking very intense for central parts of Scotland. Looking at things, there could be some significant falls of snow in places yet a few miles away it could be rain. ECM, UKMO and GFS now on the same wavelength - the potential for significant snowfall for some parts on Thursday morning, lasting much of the day. I think the further North you are in the main PPN area and away from the coast the better the chance of snow.
  5. Yep, the GFS and Arpege have the bulk of precipitation further South but the ECM and UKMO have it quite a bit further North.
  6. More than enough to build a snowman!
  7. Still plenty of snow here. Hopefully see a couple of hours snowfall tonight... I live beside a country park and went for a wee stroll. Plenty of ice on the reservoir
  8. Probably the biggest surprise snowfall I've had for quite a few years here in the extreme NW of Dundee. At 545am this morning I heard my letterbox knocking 4-5 times and thought who the hell would be knocking at this time! I quickly realised there was no one there and saw the gleam of the snow through the glass and thought bloody hell... So I opened the door and was stunned to see how much had fallen because according the EURO4 and BBC weather forecasts, the band was to break up before it reached Dundee. The GFS showed a bit of precipitation to make it here but nothing significant and only the ECM Precipitation charts on en.vedur.is showed reasonable precipitation making it here but even then it was quite undercooked! I measured 3 and a half to 4 inches... it was very windy and a bit of the snow had blown. Even lower parts of the city got a decent fall! Epic fail for EURO4 and the BBC weather forecast!
  9. Anything with a northerly component from W to N is pretty poor for these parts. A direct Westerly and South of West flow can delivery snow here but once there's a Northerly element, the showers don't normally make it this far and break up with perhaps an odd flurry here and there. With a very strong wind, an odd heavy shower can make it across but all in all, we're too far East.
  10. Not sure why Much of East Scotland and Dundee is under a weather warning for snow. A North Westerly and Northerly are terrible for snow prospects here.
  11. Nothing marginal for Scotland there Chris.
  12. From those stats, the GEM has been closer to the GFS than the GFS has been to the UKMO over this past year.