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  1. Been snowing heavily for quite a while up here.
  2. I'm just over 140 metres ASL. The fact that I'm further inland has a bearing too compared to the rest of the town.
  3. Yep, everything getting covered again.
  4. Should get another 1-2 hours of it before temperature nudges up.
  5. Cars getting covered again up here.
  6. Still plenty of snow showers showing for up here in Dundee and Eastern Scotland between now and Tuesday I imagine?
  7. Check this storm out, especially near the end UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!
  8. That was one seriously heavy shower up here. I went for a walk to LIDL and apparently the windchill is -12c.
  9. Been a disappointing day in general - had about 9cms fall yesterday evening up until 4am this morning and only a cm or so since. So you're right - the yellow warning overdelivered and the amber warning has been a big let down so far! I'll never forget the whiteout and extreme windchill last night. Will look back on these videos and pics I have for years to come. The most severe and extreme snow and windchill I've experienced!
  10. ECM @ 120hrs wanting to keep us in the cold and bring down a north easterly!
  11. I hate being watched whilst I pee.
  12. @Norrance - no difference up here, measured 9-10cms although there's been a lot of drifting. My higher altitude and being further inland is not making any difference at the moment!
  13. Yep, it seems to be reserved for the most populous areas of the UK with busy motorways, airports etc. Put it this way, how many times have you seen the highlands under a red warning? Zilch.
  14. A few more days of this so lots of folk should get plenty of fun.