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  1. Whilst the twists and turns of the current way normally result in more disappointments that it does joy, it's the thrill of the chase that I enjoy and I'm sure plenty of others feel the same.
  2. Some pics sent from my mum - 7 miles ENE of Strabane (North Tyrone), very nice covering and snowing away.
  3. So the easterly has vanished and instead we're looking at winds from the NW... COSMIC.
  4. According to the ECM, Dundee has changed its name to "Kozaksville". How peculiar.
  5. Their app doesn't use the UKMO raw output, they have a high res model which is used for the forecast (symbols) on their app and website. After 72 hours it's the MOGREPS mean.
  6. Erm, that foot and a half of snow "near Dublin" is actually for the Wicklow Mountains which are only 20 miles from Dublin. The highest peak being over 900 metres so perfectly plausible.
  7. ...But it has the third biggest port in Europe! You're right, you're certainly no map reader.
  8. Very misleading and completely wrong. The ECM consistently outperforms GFS when it comes to snowstorms and hurricanes around the east coast of the USA - the pros over there always slate the GFS! ECM is their go to model when big weather events are incoming.
  9. I'm just over 140 metres ASL. The fact that I'm further inland has a bearing too compared to the rest of the town.
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