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  1. Several heavy rain/sleet and wet snow this afternoon here on the coast, feeling very cold in that strong wind.
  2. How about.. I f candlemass day be cold with snow, winter will have another go.
  3. I dont think the North Sea is finished quite yet. Plenty of activity out the way of radar range. https://en.sat24.com/en/nl
  4. Boooooommm..!! I love the the North Sea snow machine.. more Thundersnow..!
  5. Heavy snow/graupel mix here on the coast, everything instantly white again..!!
  6. Rain,sleet, snow and thunder here on the coast..!!
  7. Even here right on the coast -4.7℃..!! http://www.southshields-weather.co.uk/Today's_weather.htm
  8. Always..!! Seriously wont believe anything until it comes into 72/96hrs frame.
  9. If showers do develop off the east coast I think folk on the coast might fair better with the chance of settling snow, with Dew points well below freezing ( -3.3℃ at midnight Thu/Fri) and 850hpa are approaching -8℃, the SST here in South Shields are slightly below average at 7.2℃ (average is 7.4℃..!!) so there's a chance but its a case of wait and see.
  10. The way it went today I think leaving it to 'now-casting' would be preferable. Models showed Dp's falling away but here theyve actually increased from 0.5℃..!! http://www.southshields-weather.co.uk/images/index2.html
  11. Snow should become widespread around late afternoon, dewpoints not expected to drop below freezing til 3:00pm then throughout the area by 6:00pm. The front moving NW\SE should deliver snow for most in our region unless the said front has moved through quicker than forecast.
  12. Blizzards,Thundersnow and -16ºC. I hope Paul knows they've used snow risk % maps from netweather. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/uk-weather-forecast-blizzards-thundersnow-13885567
  13. I know where my money would be. Europe is pulling ahead Atmospheric scientists and meteorologists tend to agree about one thing: Europe is better than the US (and arguably the rest of the world) at predicting weather. Weather models can improve in three ways. First, the equations that model pressure systems in the atmosphere can get more accurate. Second, models can better incorporate real-time weather data. And third, scientists can increase a model's resolution by taking weather measurements from more points around the globe. Europe is far ahead on this last one: it takes data from 904 million prediction points and has 10 times more computing power than the US does to crunch those numbers. https://www.businessinsider.com/government-shutdown-puts-us-behind-in-weather-forecasting-race-2019-1?r=UK
  14. Satellite image of this mornings snowfall shows how localized it was..!
  15. WOW..!! Heavy snow here on the coast, winds picking up almost blizzard conditions.. The incoming streamer has history of producing lightning..Thundersnow???
  16. Snowing here now although very light it is settling on the very cold surfaces.. Incoming streamer..?
  17. He is and he does..https://twitter.com/Petagna
  18. NL

    Aviation Thread

    White-out conditions at Letiste Vaclava Prague.https://slowtv.idnes.cz/planespotting/planespotting.A150624_164934_planespotting_cat Amazing that these airports are running normally..In this country 1/2cm of snow and chaos ensuses..!!
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