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  1. Convective weather going for possible SEVERE storms for the East/North East for Friday. http://convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2018-07-26
  2. And I slept with the window open..!! The sun was rather bright around 3am too.
  3. This driver takes a direct hit from that tornado and if that were a EF4 I doubt very much he'd be around today. Certainly looks strong but EF1- EF2 at best. Although hes speaking German, strong language spoken in English..!!
  4. I have Pete, when I was 3yrs old I fell in the back lane and under the several inches of snow was a broken bottle which made contact with my hand and wrist, hasten to add it was a pretty horrifying sight..!!
  5. Thats from 2016 SS..and it seems it gets pushed out every year, it was first published by Joshua Nevett who now works for The Daily Star
  6. Nothing Doc, My daughter is at Gateshead at the minute and she said there's very light precipitation there, but she can't tell whether its very fine snow or drizzle its that light.Looking like Teesside might see something a bit heavier, can't guarantee that its snow though. The ppn type on the radar shows sleet close to the coast .
  7. A Northerly of sorts has now been forecasted on many runs since Thursday for the end of the month into April. Latest GFS 06z even throws in a Nor'easterly into the far reaches of Fantasy Land.. I really hope this current cold spell is the last but I think any meaningful warmth is still a long way off..!!
  8. Ive a trip up to the RVI Newcastle for the Clusterheadache conference today and I'm going by metro, not risking the drive and paying hospital parking charges as I'll be up there most of the day..!!
  9. Amazing how much cloud is being generated over the North Sea considering how close to the centre of this Hp we are..Certainly puts to bed the notion that being close to a Hp kills off any shower activity..!! https://en.sat24.com/en/scan
  10. Blizzard conditions hammering here as it has all night.. North Sea still being a snow-maker and is forecast to snow pretty much all day albeit in the form of showers. As for naming this as a 'mini' beast (dislike this terminology) is merely on the length of this cold spell and not the severity, tis truley brutal out there windchill earlier matched the last spell down to -10℃..!!
  11. There's been plenty of snowflakes here in the showers, also huge graupel, some as large as 3-4mm..At least it doesn't hurt as much as hail.!! Still not very pleasant when the gale-force winds drive it into ya 'boat-race'..!!
  12. Ironically the roads and pavements were wet/damp off the earlier melted showers which has enabled the last few showers to stick and not get blown into catchment areas.. Still plenty of showers being generated over the North Sea. https://en.sat24.com/en/nl
  13. I was just about to ask if anyone has seen any lightning as the last few showers that have hit here have been very heavy..!! Alls white and it feels like January 70's style out there..!! We drove down to the beach earlier and the waves are tremendous, couldn't hardly see the piers with the waves crashing over them. I did get out and took a short video as the wind was whipping up the sand and you were instantly 'sand-blasted'..!!
  14. There is no weather radar coverage out into the North Sea. This is the area covered by raw data And this is the image after cleaning the data with the new anomaly detection and removal and hit-accumulation filtering algorithms.
  15. Those looking for snow would prefer the HIRLAM on Saturday http://wxcharts.eu/?panel=four&model=hirlam,icon_eu,arpege,gfs&region=eng&chart=overview,overview,overview,overview&run=18&step=048&plottype=10&lat=51.500&lon=-0.250&skewtstep=0 EDIT...ERROR..!!