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  1. I think Lu prefers Italian storms going by her post refering to Columbus clouds..!! I managed to capture lightning from the last storms we had here just over a week ago.
  2. Nlc were pretty impressive last night almost overhead, dont think ive seen them so far south before. Heres a couple of shots taken around 11:30pm.
  3. . Will be small variations but the profile pretty much covers most of upper atmosphere conditions in the NE area. This is a forecast from the 06 sounding and not actual conditions though. When the 12z soundings are available we should have a clearer picture on developments.
  4. Skew-T profile looks loaded for 55ºN -1.5ºW (Wallsend), even surface CAPE present here.
  5. All I got from that day was distant thunder and amazing cloudscapes, storms just fell apart as they approached the coast.
  6. Potent elevated thunderstorms not long passed through South Tyneside, One of em directly overhead produced one 'ell ova gunshot..!!
  7. Several heavy rain/sleet and wet snow this afternoon here on the coast, feeling very cold in that strong wind.
  8. Think you need to go to specsavers mate, that is the 00z
  9. How about.. I f candlemass day be cold with snow, winter will have another go.
  10. I dont think the North Sea is finished quite yet. Plenty of activity out the way of radar range. https://en.sat24.com/en/nl
  11. Boooooommm..!! I love the the North Sea snow machine.. more Thundersnow..!
  12. Heavy snow/graupel mix here on the coast, everything instantly white again..!!
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