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  1. Convective inhibition quite evident in the places where showers are diminishing. © Netweather.tv
  2. Met office also saying 'significant snow down the eastern side of Scotland and North East England.
  3. The word your'e looking for is Graupel. Graupel - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  4. This has probably been broken last year with a recorded pressure at Tsetsen-Uul, Mongolia at 1094.3 mb. All-time pressure records set at the end of 2020: North Pacific extratropical storm peaks at 921 mbar, extreme cold in Mongolia sets new world record with 1094 mbar WWW.SEVERE-WEATHER.EU Final 2020 extratropical storm set a new North Pacific low-pressure record of 921 mbar. A day earlier, a new world record was set in Mongolia, 1094 mbar!
  5. Potential for long fetch streamers along the convergence lines. Could even be low topped cumulonimbus producing 'thundersnow' with pretty steep lapse rates, only 4 days away, so well within the reliable.. © metoffice.gov.uk
  6. With 850' Temps at -8℃ and greater they'll be no marginality here on the coast, had a small flurry this morning and 850's were hovering around -6℃ and winds coming off the sea.
  7. Had a shower here earlier and fell as freezing rain with Dp at -4℃ and air temp at -0.6℃ i was suprised it wasnt sleet or snow..
  8. Snowing here in South Shields moderate falls, almost blizzard conditions in that strong northerly. Starting to settle on the cars and grass.
  9. Sleet and snow showers light to moderate but looks worse in the gale-force winds we are currently having here on the NE coast.
  10. Trans-Atlantic records could be broken as currently theres an Airbus 340 reaching ground speed of 794mph..!! Live Flight Tracker - Real-Time Flight Tracker Map | Flightradar24 WWW.FLIGHTRADAR24.COM View flight IB6402 from Mexico City to Madrid on Flightradar24
  11. The skies were clear here on the east side last night and Betelgeuse could be clearly seen but has dimmed, so much so that his 'belt' is now brighter than his left shoulder..
  12. Absolutely, this is what last years prediction for Christmas day on this day(9th) forcasted a potent northerly when in fact we got a mild southerly.
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