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  1. Been snowing continuously for the last 5 hours. Incredible!
  2. Amber warning is the kiss of death. We haven't had a flake since it was issued
  3. That was earlier just after it was light. More has fallen since then
  4. We have had constant moderate snow since before I got up this morning at 5.30. 8" lying snow, don't know about drifts.
  5. This is silly. I've got an appointment in Guiseley tomorrow - 2 miles down the road and I'm not sure if I can get there!
  6. Not sure about that there's another blob in the Humber that could head our way
  7. Don't know if this has copied correctly but there's a line of showers over Hull that should hit North Leeds in the next hour
  8. First positive post I've seen from you sausage. Really glad you're enjoying it.
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