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  1. This and the strato thread are for discussing what the models are showing for the next few days and weeks. If it is to wait and see what happens then this will be a current conditions thread.
  2. So basically whether we get a SSW or not, the result for western Europe is mild. I'd rather we don't get a SSW if it is going to waste the Arctic cold to North America and start spring on the wrong foot for the Arctic ice.
  3. Agreed 100%! It would allow for some interesting active weather at least. Next week looks a bit cooler than it did a few days ago as the jet manages to push the high pressure further south for a time. Only a temporary thing but nice to see.
  4. Before i went on holiday, my rose bush was sprouting. Now I came back to find the new leaves covered in green fleas.

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    2. karyo


      The wasps will show up next

    3. lassie23


      need snow in march when all the queens are out

    4. Spikecollie


      Oh dear, aphids in January. Yes, the insects have been on the wing here and some moths were out this evening but no aphids (or maybe I haven't looked closely enough, or maybe the minus 6 did for them last week after the warmth, oh no no not on the buds, not before I even get started). At this rate we'll have frélons (hornets) the size of blackbirds.

  5. Returning to the UK tonight. The only thing I have missed is my comfortable bed.

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    2. lassie23


      lol won't even be white fgs

    3. karyo


      Yes but at least it will settle lol

    4. lassie23


      lol can make ash men

  6. I am pleased with the 12z output so far. Even on the gfs the northwesterly has a bit more bite to it so more chance to see wintry conditions for a time.
  7. The 12z ECM is an improvement compared to last night's run but the uppers indicate just rain with a bit of hill snow. At least it will be cooler.
  8. It is the same update that they have been posting for a week or more now. I can't see what's wintry about it tbh.
  9. Will this warming happen though or get watered down again?
  10. The sun may soon have enough strength to break any low cloud or fog but it will do nothing to improve the high pollution levels that are getting trapped under it. Many European cities have recorded alarming levels of air pollution in the last week. Sadly in the UK, there is not much info about air pollution levels.
  11. Phases 6 to 8 are more promising for cold but it has to have enough strength (to be as far from the inner circle as possible). Sadly, the update posted above shows sharp weakening of the mjo wave as it goes into phase 7 and eventually it just dies (enters inner circle). So we have to look elsewhere for cold. Maybe the stratosphere will help but Not for a while yet.
  12. The models look grim once again! Any update on the progress of the MJO?
  13. I close my eyes and I am seeing you everywhere. I step outside I am breathing you in the air.

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    2. Rush2112


      Yes, high pressure from tomorrow, lots of settled weather but chilly nights.  You an Andrea Bocelli fan?

    3. karyo


      Yes i like Andrea bocelli but I prefer this version of the song by A Great Big World & Christina 🙂



    4. Rush2112


      Lovely, not heard.that version before, so thank you.

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