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  1. Boring high pressure!

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    2. Weather-history
    3. MP-R


      Not quite as clear cut as either one is boring. High pressure is boring when it just bring endless cloud, as it low pressure when it brings endless rain. Then again, the rain is normally associated with fronts that don't last days at a time... This high pressure would be much better had it originated from a clean direction with plenty of sunshine. The low pressure on its way will be alright as long as it brings convective weather which, at this time of the year, is probably the most interesting type of weather.

    4. karyo


      WH, so you have not posted it for one day? What does that prove? lol


      As for the comment regarding the view, do you think the Pennines block my view of the sky? We are not talking about the Himalayas! I can see the sky and the hills which made all the difference when we had the snow event earlier this month. I could see the hills covered in white for several days after the event. How can you beat that?

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