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    holidays, late nights out, a bit of reading, sunbathing, countryside, enjoying the weather.

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  1. The London crowd was much friendlier this time helping me have a great night out! The Ministry of Sound is a great venue :-)

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    2. Dami


      20 years ago, i would of been dead jel, although i have been to strange 'space age looking night club , near tower bridge in london years ago. You could order your drink at your table via a touch screen.

    3. Daniel*


      many have gone east to Essex/Kent the east end has changed so much... such a state as well

    4. Dami


      I was a member of a special 'nightclubbers club', only certain few were invited each time to their themed nights, i went to a silver and white one, quite fitting for the club we were in.

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