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    holidays, late nights out, a bit of reading, sunbathing, countryside, enjoying the weather.

    Favourite weather types: Cold and Colder!
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  1. We can't get an Easterly and we can't get a Northerly! Sums up the weather outlook for the foreseeable...

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    2. lassie23


      Hope it snows at christmas

    3. karyo


      Things are looking particularly boring once the block to the east moves away. We need a bit of amplification for a juicy northwesterly but the amplification doesn't want to happen.

    4. IanR


      its no mans land, and looks like stalemate a while yet, nothing set in stone for cold fans , absolutely nothing for storm fans like me. just a continuation of the 2014 borefest,... not a cold and snow fan myself but I would take that over this ongoing nothingness, wake me up when something interesting happens