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  1. Good one Mr Data. Nice to see a photo of where I live -Good old Biggin Hill -The Bus 410 was going to Bromley North Station but not for some time by the looks of it. All of that area is over 600ft high and if the winds are strong Easterly with snow then the Main Road gets blocked. There many old photos of The Biggin Hills main road blocked but alas the last time was Jan 1987 when the airport road was blocked with 20 foot drifts and buried a bus, a snow plough and many cars. Trouble is I have never seen a photo of it and would love to do so My old met-office book described December 1938 like
  2. Mr Data I love reading your posts and like you I am fascinated by past data Just found my old London Weather book which I bought from the Old Met office in Holborn 35 years ago. (Official records recorded at Greenwich and Kew run from 1841 to 1964 in the book). According to records 70f was reached at Tottenham and 69F at Camden square on the 5th Nov 1938, December that year had the best White Christmas of the 20th century( description as follows . Snow commenced to fall on the 18th December and continued practically every day up to including 26th December being particularly heavy on the 20th a
  3. Biggin Hill snow April 6th 2008 -there was about 4 to 5ins of snow which lasted most of the day
  4. Come on you Reds. Charlton the most consistent team in the Championship, unfortunately its for being the most inconsistent . Looking forward to being at the Valley for the must win game against promotion favorites Bristol City-Hard to believe I know but they are winning their home games. If only
  5. Hi Charltonkerry Great result on Friday and the Orange one would have been very upset . We really did play great football Just wondering if you are aware of the great Charlton Blogs out there . Try www.charltonnorthdowns.blogspot.com there will be links to better blogs than my own. Regards CND
  6. Just seen this thread- Great win for Charlton on Friday The manager Alan Pardew is at least trying to play football which is difficult in the Championship.
  7. Great report and photos . A couple great pictures of Biggin Hill Kent -shame it doesn't happen now as the North Downs at over 600ft can really be a winter wonderland.
  8. Great Post Roger and your postings are always of great interest as you view in great detail our weather from across the pond . Having lived through 63' and all the cold winters up to 1987(Jan 87' The Kent North Downs received 30 inches of snow with drifting which meant the main Road to London was blocked for four days with several double decker buried .- mild thereafter apart from 1991 when even the heat Island called London had nine inches of level snow for a few days I fear that my kids and younger members on the forum may never witness a real cold winter Regards Charlton North Downs-a v
  9. Just found my old Weather book in the loft called London Weather which has all the data for Greenwich and Kew from 1841-1964. December 1890 caught my eye and I'm sure Mr Data has covered this but here are the stats for Kew . Other parts of the country would probably have been much colder. Mean (-1.6C) Diff from average (-6.8C) Mean Max 0.8c Diff from aver. (-6.7c) High Max 6.6c Lowest Max (-5.8c) High Min 2.3c Low Min (-11.8c) Rainall 0.55ins Average 27% Sunshine 0.03hours The daily minimum temp was below (-6.7c) on six nights at Greenwich and 16 days below freezing . Frosty night
  10. Hi Mr Data Looking at the last newspapers clippings, it had Cardiff as the wettest place in the UK at 1.77ins . If that is all snow then we are looking 2ft of level snow, that is an incredible amount, or did it start off as rain then turn to snow. Just a fact that I would love to know the answer too.
  11. When you think of some of the temperatures even for the Heat Island called Central London . Max -2c min -5c. Feb 1991 was the last time those temps happened. At the time I was living in Woking and Temps then on some occasions only reached a maximum of -5c. We took it all for granted little realising that GW was on the way. People say the country will grind to a halt if we have those sort of winters again well I don't believe that, once the first couple days of a big freeze was over we got use to it and somehow managed to cope. :lol:
  12. The thing that I remember most is freezing weather lasting two or three weeks at a time even in the South . Temps sometimes would not rise above -5c and nights temps often down to -10c. Now if we are lucky, we might get a couple days and maybe I am better off because of the height values at Biggin Hill
  13. When the first snows arrived on the 9th I was stranded at Clapham Junction for about three hours trying to get to work. It really caught the weather forecasters out because it rained heavily first thing in the morning which readily turned to snow(if it had all been snow the snow-depth would have doubled :o ) . Central London pavements became like skating rinks, because after the snow stopped the temperature dropped to below -2c at around mid-day. It is the first time I can remember having regular snow storms for nearly four weeks.
  14. Great Piece Mr Data. Its like having two weeks of January 1987 times 3 .
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