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  1. Finally have some smallish flakes falling in Shoreham after being under the lighter precip on the radar for nearly a couple of hours... The heavier band should make landfall soon and pep things up a bit... does seem to be shearing off a bit as it edges closer to land though - I reckon East-Sussex/Kent wwill be the sweet spot later
  2. Met office pretty bullish on Thursdays event... Seen a temp drop of a degree here in the last hour: 5.8C >> 4.8C with light rain. hoping that cold air is starting to edge out that milder southerly already...
  3. looks like the precip currently over Brittany is intensifying on it's eastern flank - keeping them crossed!
  4. seems a strange forecast as they seem to be doing a bit of ramping regards the cold and snow potential for next week... they even recently tweeted an animated SNOW gif
  5. HI Steve, What are your thoughts for Sunday eve ? I thought temps were expected to be into high single figures for the brief warm-up on Sun/Mon ?
  6. Huston we have a snowflake symbol! Latest local beeb & meto forecast for us down here on the coast has a light snow shower showing for Thursday morning - I'll happily take that!
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