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  1. Lost most of mine too and my Father’s one and only (tree very heavily endowed this year) was blown over. I’m hoping you aren’t apple farmers, losing that many?
  2. Mild but very noisy night, had to get up at 5 to close the window as wind/trees thrashing had become so loud I couldn’t sleep. MetO has gusts of 43 in my location but I can’t stand still in my garden so I think they are higher. Weather station isn’t working - what timing! Fearful for three of my big trees, have never seen them battered this violently in full leave - and the wind hasn’t peaked yet.
  3. Thank you @shotski for reminder that I haven’t yet got my logs ordered and neatly stacked. Will ring supplier tomorrow Morning dog walk was unpleasantly hot and humid. Steadily increasing cloud has blocked sun, although not the heat. Currently 25c, humid and unpleasant for weeding the garden - so have stopped!
  4. St Neots in Cambridgeshire at 11 to 11:30 had big storm; with rain so torrential I pulled off A1 as it was unsafe and waited it out. Lots of spectacular lightning with thunder shaking the car - far easier to sit and marvel at nature’s fury than driving blind through it A whole line of us came off A1, hung around then back on, once the rain reduced to a more manageable downpour. Anyone travelling on A1 today? In a word don’t - closed until 4:30pm for emergency repairs between Sandy and Black Cat roundabout (A421 west to Bedford, Milton Keynes and M1).
  5. Similar room temp here Dami, also thunder rumbling from 2am on and off until 7 - I was up, standing in the rain with my dog in that heavy shower around 7. Hope you feel better now; I haven’t shifted my dreadful headache yet.
  6. My, admittedly tired old, weather station showing 27 in garden at 00:30 I back onto open paddocks in village setting. Bedrooms all west facing and currently showing 35+ C (house clearly designed by Sadistic Evil Fatherless Architect). The fan feels like a hair dryer on max setting as it hits the bed. Earlier video of torrential rain and thunderstorms in village just to the east of me sent by a friend; fantastic video of lightening and torrential rain in Norwich at 23:30 sent from son. Clear evidence of spiteful taunting. Dry as a bone here so have deleted them from Christmas card list. Can’t sleep in this oven. Will it snow tonight?
  7. Wow, it’s only 15c here with a NNE of 8/13. Feeling surprisingly chilly after last night and the sticky, oppressive humidity for most of the day. Hopefully will get some sleep tonight.
  8. Feel for you Tom. Find daylight storms exciting but develop a night-only fear/aversion to thunder/lightning, as does my young labrador so selfishly hoping the latest nw radar activity approaching south coast dissipates or bypasses my area. 10pm light drizzle didn’t last long but still very humid here as I post this.
  9. Vicious 15 minutes of intense rain, hail and powerful wind gusts. Ours was a separate one, slightly south of the one hitting Cambridge that @Matty88 mentioned. Very clear incoming on the radar so able to delay taking the dog out -thank goodness. Now have paddling pools on lawn and drive with bright sunshine.
  10. So pleased your daughters and granddaughter were either side of that and are ok.
  11. Went to bed not expecting anything as thought I was too far north. Woke at 01:20 to see it a snow covering. An unexpected treat! Snowing again now but looks as though there might also be a very slight thaw. Looking pretty though. My young lab isn’t sure what to make of it - he’s daintily high-stepping around with exaggerated camp ballerina dramatics.
  12. What a treat to be out walking the dog today. Clear, crisp air; beautiful, all too rare (this year) winter sun and the sheer joy of white pockets of frost contrasting with brightly coloured sun warmed grass and winter crops. Invigorating and mood enhancing. Still -1, the black car has remained white all day in the shade and will be horrid to clear at 06:45 in the forecasted freezing fog but today, at least, the sun shone and for a few hours all felt right with the world.
  13. Sun hasn’t yet broken through the heavy mist. Hard frost and currently -3
  14. Is this similar to yesterday’s GFS Snowicane that was um politely disregarded as unlikely? I’m beginning to hope those of you, who are far more knowledgeable than me (99.9%), will also politely disregard the likelihood and severity of this actually happening - meant to be at a public meeting doing a presentation in the evening
  15. Happy Hogmanay to all - here’s to 2019’s frisky cough free calves, returning geese, Costa Lochgelly’s Husband of the Year needing to dig out the snow drifts, Mistyqueen’s house staying in one piece, Hairy Celt getting more than a bit of pish falling on his wood pile and all the happiness possible for everyone. Best wishes from the 13 year old nw veteran in temporary exile down south file
  16. Happy New Year to the most tenaciously optimistic snow searchers ever found on this tiny island May the Snow Gods smile on us in 2019
  17. Oh my goodness! The sun is out Glorious technicolour has resumed. How lovely with a current temp of 10C and a walk with my dog - or is that heresy to say lovely when so may are desperately seeking snow? *steps quietly out of the room* Happy 2019 everyone - may the snow Gods smile upon this little island of ours.
  18. Dear Knocker and phil nw, Thank you so much for the regular informative posts and the time obviously taken to provide such an excellent analysis with the detailed graphics. This is my first port of call every day and I’ve learned so much from the way your updates are presented. In my strange little head I always think of this as the Sidney Serenity Short range Sanity Sanctuary, not just in weather model terms but as a therapeutic short term fix when I stray into The Other Places.. I do hope your incredible commitment continues through 2019 Knocker - we are very lucky you’ve invested so much time and effort for us. Thank you and best wishes for a happy 2019.
  19. Soaring Hawk

    22 Dec 2018

    First glimpse as clouds disperse
  20. Taken from garden at 17:18 with hand held Canon PowerShot XS50 HS
  21. Mist has cleared with sun and clear sky. Feeling chilly though. Currently temp: 6C Wind: SE 1, gusting to 2 Pressure: 1034 Humidity: 87% Visibility: Good Happy Christmas
  22. Happy Christmas , Happy Hogmanay and best wishes for a happy, healthy 2019 to all the delightful members in my former thread. Miss being a part of this friendly group.
  23. A beautiful sunrise earlier. Currently: 4C, sunny and blue sky/cloud free Wind: SSW 6/18 Pressure: 1007 Humidity: 94% and good visibility
  24. Utterly vile here. Can’t believe the dog wanted to go out a short time ago. Temp: 1C - feels like -6 Heavy (in your face sideways) rain Wind: SE 25 gusting 39, expected to increase during evening for goodness sake.. Greater love hath no Mummy than she will lay down her seat by the fire for her pooch and all that.....
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