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  1. Road from Dorking to Coldharbour a real winter wonderland this afternoon. Pleasantly surprised to see so much snow on the trees:
  2. Lovely wintry scene in Dorking this morning looking towards Ranmore Common.
  3. Been under a static yellow radar return for a couple of hours now in Dorking - must have a few inches and well and truly makes up for last night’s effort.
  4. Joined the party again, thank goodness. Snow pepping up now in Dorking and settling. Temp falling steadily (0.6c/ DP 0.3c).
  5. If only! I’ve even been able to see the edge of your band of snow from my top room. Even less snow heading east towards Reigate. Snowing a little now in Dorking.
  6. Hello to fellow Dorkinians. Yes, good to be in on the action this evening!
  7. Snow flakes mixed in with rain in Dorking but rain if anything heavier now and car outside entombed in ice!
  8. Freezing rain here in Dorking making a real racket now hitting my Velux windows and leaving a thin coating of ice. Temp -1.7c, DP -2.5c.
  9. Snow getting pretty heavy in Dorking. Really hoping that I finally get enough snow to turn my front lawn more white than green!
  10. And the tongue of snow to the north of Horsham is now producing some light stuff in Dorking.
  11. Fingers crossed your plan will work and you will get to see some decent snow followed by hassle-free travel!
  12. Hopefully we'll receive the invites tomorrow! Feels so wrong to be looking out at the bare slopes of Denbies and Box Hill when London is smothered!
  13. Haha! Yes, it's quite challenging putting a positive spin on Dorking's comparative lack of snow, especially since Leatherhead and Epsom joined the party today!
  14. Just travelled by train from London to Dorking. Everywhere white until we got out of the tunnel under the North Downs. Looking at radar, seems like there’s a noticeable snow shadow to the south of the downs. Hopefully tomorrow will make up for it!
  15. So pleased I had to come up to town on the train from the Surrey snow desert for a meeting this lunchtime. Really got going by Vauxhall and nice to see decent snow on the ground in the City.
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