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  1. Just seen change in the BBC app though... Was zilch till about 30 mins ago...
  2. Question - if this is lake effect and Irish Sea is feeding this, should we get something here (Fylde) sooner or later?
  3. Come on - reach the Fylde Coast. Seems very slow moving whatever 'it' is - I've been looking at the same clouds/sky for about 30 mins now.
  4. Well I'm right next to the Irish Sea and no snow atm but cloud thickening - from Southport direction...
  5. Wow that shows how localised this is! Still looking hopeful for tomorrow here acc to BBC app...
  6. Thanks - you'd think no cause for concern atm - I'm looking at the sunshine on the grass here on the Fylde Coast now!
  7. We had planned to visit Manchester today - BBC app has heavy snow from 5pm through to 8 ish this evening. Any folk have a view on potential driving conditions M61/M6 at that time?
  8. Not posted here for a LONG time but this looks like the most hopeful for the Fylde since Dec 2010. Coastal always doubtful but proper cold and fronts of the Irish Sea always interesting. BBC met has heavy snow Blackpool on Sunday...
  9. Rest Of Northern England Regional Weather Chat

    Hello peeps Not posted for a long time. '09-10 or 10-11 revisted this winter?
  10. Wonderful seaside snow yesterday. Glad coastal NW got some of the white stuff. Feel part of the winter now!

  11. V interesting model following, but not gd IMBY- wise.

  12. Or an even better dilemma - lampost watching for imminent snow ( a 'snow job') or a rhyming alternative.
  13. Not cold yet but not winter either so all is well!

  14. Not cold yet but not winter either so all is well!

  15. I'm as frustrated as the next person regarding this mild stuff, but I think there's 2 things going on here. First it's memories of 12 months ago and thinking 'Oh wasn't that great' and second 'There's nothing on the horizon that looks wintry'. In other words, it feels like we're painfully stuck in the here-and-now. As much I'd love a Tardis to be able to travel back to the night of 17th/18th December 2010 or the ??th of ????? 2010 or 2011, I'm going to say to myself, like others have already said, winter ain't started yet, and I've actually got a very unscientific feeling that this mild balloon we're all in is going to burst with wintry gusto sometime in December. We'll look back at this mildness and say to our snowmen 'How silly we we're thinking winter would never arrive!"