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  1. Woken by lightning, lovely thunder roll and we have snow on the ground in Southampton. On top of beating Arsenal its been a good day! X
  2. Repeats of Helen Willets' afternoon forecasts on BBCNews tonight. Wonder who hasn't turned up for the night shift???
  3. Very light and VERY wet snow now falling in Southampton. Temp 0.3C, DP -1.8C, WB -0.5C.
  4. Light rain in Southampton, but with the very odd sleety bit. Temp now 1.0C and DP still -1.4C.
  5. 1.3C in Soton and falling slowly. DP -1.4C so I guess it's on a knife edge. Not sure if the drizzle approaching will warm things up or not? Edit: The green blobs in the centre of the blobs would seem to indicate that the heavier rain can lower the temps so that bodes well. Wouldn't it be nice to have cold and ppn at the same time?!
  6. Rain here in Southampton 😔 Even though the temp is -0.1 and the DP is -1.1C 😕
  7. A Google news alert tells me that Accuweather are predicting snow in Kent on the 19th December so that's a GO for ramping. (How I miss Snowfan!) Hope all at Newtweather remain well. Work is darn hectic but hope to be able to join in before too long. Love to all x
  8. Temp rising rapidly in Southampton at the moment - just hit 32.4C. The record for this weather station is 32.7C from back in June .... Southampton Weather - Live Weather Updates from Southampton Centre WWW.SOUTHAMPTONWEATHER.CO.UK Southampton weather Report Local Wind Rain Pressure Temperature Humidity Forecast Conditions Tide Hot Cold Snow Ice Frost
  9. Thuderstorm and heavy downpours in Southampton right now. Seems to be pepping up as it heads your way, guys! REMAIN INDOORS :-) x
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