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  1. Thuderstorm and heavy downpours in Southampton right now. Seems to be pepping up as it heads your way, guys! REMAIN INDOORS :-) x
  2. 41% chance of snow here in Southampton by tomorrow morning... I'll believe it when I see it
  3. Euro4 snow ppn chart just posted in the Hunt for Cold thread puts soton right in the sweet spot - amazing! I need to get back from Worthing today - think I might leave sooner rather than later. Last time I tried to get somewhere before it got bad was horrendous (Dec 09?). And I dont have any appropriate clothing with me... Temp in Southampton still just 1.6C and son reports snow flurry at the University about an hour ago. Good luck, everyone!
  4. The 6.30 forecast had the snow band quite a lot further south than this one from an hour ago.https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather Can we bank it now, please?
  5. BBC News just now. White stuff all day over us, I think? I will wait until the pub run is out before I venture into the MAD thread. It's the hope that kills you...
  6. Crikey that was sudden! Low has bottomed out at 993 and is now rising rapidly. Wind veering NWly, 2.3C and dp -0.6. Can't stay rain for much longer, surely?!
  7. You should add your postcode to your tweet, cheesepuffScott!ttps://uksnowmap.com/
  8. 20 years I've been meaning to turn my dark cluttered loft into a lovely "study" (woman-shed for weather watching and star gazing)! Hopefully your sleet will turn into beautiful powder soon! STILL 4.2C and dp 1.1C here
  9. Is it swinging round to the North, Mapantz? It's been ESE all afternoon but now SW...
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