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  1. Who are these WeatherFile people?! XCWeather gives the highest gust at St Catherine's Point at 52mph. https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/17264252.power-warning-for-homeowners-as-winds-reach-80mph-in-hampshire/
  2. They only want me for my brain, these days, Karlos. Sadly that's on it's way out too!
  3. The weather forecaster on BBC News last night said there was a hook in the centre of the low and that it was still deepening. Haven't seen any charts today so not sure if that's still the case?
  4. Had a gust of over 53mph this morning - strongest since March 2016. Glad I'm working from bed
  5. Well that was the most intense storm I have ever seen. Like a really intense squall but lasted about an hour. Quite frankly I hope that's it for tonight because I was enjoying walking on the grass for a day or two before that lot.
  6. Don't tell @offerman! He'll be after *growing* them...
  7. Your koi have their own house?! Lucky things Sounds like a very professional set-up. I never knew when somebody offered to bring me a bucket of pond water to "start it off" that those tiddlers would end up costing me more than a dog and three cats put together lol! Right we have incoming and my daughter is going to the Common to meet some friends so I am going to walk as far as the park with her. I may not be gone very long at all!
  8. Welcome, lostinthewoods. Where is the pumped water going? My first experience of a frozen pond was 2010 - the fountain pumped all the water out and there was only about 2 inches left by the time I found out! Just a big gap under the ice. They all survived, though - tough as old boots, my goldfish.
  9. Buggerit, I've given up even pretending to work from home now. This is too rare an event to miss.
  10. I've got a plastic band and a rubber band I can lend you? Seriously, though, there's hardly anybody out there playing today. rest up and hope you heal quickly. x
  11. Getting more like real snow here, too. Goddamit now I have to and go and sit in the conservatory to watch it properly (and hear it patter on the roof)
  12. I wouldn't call it decent - you could still see grass and tarmac everywhere except where the snow had drifted. I think it is quite localised as well. We only had a couple of tiny flurries where I work near the SGH on Weds but when I came back over the river a couple of hours later there was a lot more laying snow. Proper snowing now, although still small flakes.
  13. It's where the Auld Fella and I had our first kiss! (Under the Castle, not the station.) Max temp today -3.4C.
  14. Same here - snow grains/graupel? I'm sure it will pep up for us.
  15. Red alert decon, Somerset and South wales!!!! This is not a drill!