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    I love to go out with my girl friends, go shopping and I love the snow (when we get it lol)

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    Why can't I find a girl like you!

  2. Hello, is there anybody there?

  3. well how about airplanes being fitted with a giant parachute so if engines fail etc and it cant fly, the parachute will save it (imagine the size of that parachute!!)
  4. So after a great weekend of being taken away sat night to a lovely country cottge, its back to college. although it hasnt been too bad I now have my test date for driving. I am not telling anyone when it is but will let u know if i fail/pass. also been thinking about businesses, i really wanna set up one now, just a small one that is cheap to start and brings in minimal money - i know how to do websites but its just an idea, its always an idea. oh well i will get there and have an idea when i least expect it (probably down the pub lol) the girls are talking about booking up the holiday now for summer, prob in july sometime. cant wait, gonna be great to get away somwhere got for a week or two anyway must run, dinner beckons
  5. Oon, would you like to sponsor me? i am becoming an inventor and obviously need a hand to get the inventing business going. i will call it 'Oon's Spoon...feeding ideas to the nation'...what do u think?
  6. I have been going out for runs, which has been a good stress reliever, but most of my friends are studying during the week, or working, so its a bit quiet. But at least we have weekend Anyone know about Exponentials and Logarithms? aarrgghhhh
  7. god i am soooo bored this easter holiday. i wish i was back at college, sad eh. All i have done is coursework during the week and gone out at the weekend. i guess what i am saying is i hate coursework, thats the boring part, but i gotta do it :unsure: Anyone got any good ideas of things to do during the day in between studing in the house? other than a game of patience ha
  8. I was proud of myself last night. I went out on the town (and got very drunk...well its the weekend so why not)...anyway me and the girls had a great night and it was a proper girlie night, no blokes to ruin it. Anyway this bloke came up to me and pulled a line on me and he was gorgeous, but I said I had a boyfriend and enjoyed the rest of the night with the girls. My friends were a bit shocked but I though after all whats happened its time for me and my friends and no-one else. So i got in at about 4am and just woke up. got a bit of a headache but feel suprisingly well for it. just had some sausage sarnies and raring to go (well, maybe not that raring lol) I guess is should do some college work....nah, the tv and this website should keep me going for the rest of the day <_<
  9. kentish maid


    Ah thanks KL, thats really nice of u
  10. kentish maid


    Aaaarrrgghhhh, my ex has just come round. we split up about a week ago cos i found out he was playing the field. We had only been together a few months but it was going really well and I liked him alot, but I had something going on in the back of my mind. I was right to have that feeling Anyway he comes round and tried to get back (he had been drinking suprise suprise) and my dad nearly kicked him out but i still let him and had a chat - anyway when i made it clear he wasnt making a fool out of me anymore and he more chance of getting with jessica simpson than me he started implying that it was my fault cos I have my friends and would see them sometimes rather than going out with him etc etc blah blah Go out with him and his football mates? and see them get pi**ed up and start fights? great. thats why i prefer dating older men, bit more mature if u get my meaning. This boy is in the same year as me at college. aaargghhh Oh well, just needed to get that off my chest and move on Thanks for listening to my winge <_<
  11. Well I am feeling it today. Had a bit too much wine last night. Me and my mum stayed in and had a girly night. Now we have both wokn up and she has skipped work and I have skipped college tut tut <_< And what did I find on the mobile this morning? a message from the so called boyfriend I had been seeing for a while. Ok it wasnt that serious but its nice to think that the relationship would be monogomous (sp?) thats how i always am so is it too much to expect from other? oh well, well rid i say. Even though you get rid of someone who's a bit of a w*****r u still miss em cos of the company, its a catch 22 situation. thats what friend are for though to take your mind of it and i have definately got some good ones there Right do u think I'm sad? why? cos I have decided to have a net-weather day. so all calls and college or are the back burner and I am gonna just spend a day dedictaed to this webiste and chatting and having a laugh. I dont think it is. I think its good to escape to virtual reality once in a while Anyway, back to the chit chat forum Have a good day all
  12. thanks for the words of encouragement guys, I am hoping to take my test by the summer. I predict at 1 lesson a week that i should be ready by early july. fingers crossed then i will be stuck for giving everyone lifts when we go out so guess it will give my liver a rest lol
  13. So i had my tenth driving lesson today at lunch. picked me up from college. hate that cos you are always worried that your friends will see you and u are gonna stall it or something :unsure: Now i am frustrated. i thought i was getting the hang of it and after 10 thought i should be progressing at a good rate, but it seems i have gone back to one of my first lessons today. Did anyone else have this? i was doing well now everything went wrong, stalling, messing up gear changes, you name it i couldnt do it <_< Oh well , perceverance (sp?) is the key to success as my dad always tells me.
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