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  1. Looking like small heavy shower with bit thunder over north Kent anyone under it looks like moving to the north up to me here in Clacton-on-Sea
  2. Not in our part of the world but south wales , south midlands and bristol area may gust to around 60-70mph+ in the small hours, the south east look like gusts around 50-60mph around 6am-10am in morning,its looking like a nasty little low,will catch a few out i rekcon
  3. nothing coming out of the blob on radar over me in clacton on sea,so maybe a fake echo,i know in the past the windfarms of the essex coast has mucked up the radar
  4. looking at models dew points are due to be around 2c at midnight and temps about 3c and i think upper air temp due to rise later too for us on the coast
  5. Yeah may be a surprise here on the coast but got feeling temps and dew points will go up again in few hours and i think the upper air temps are meant to rise later,but we will see
  6. Not looking good here in Clacton on sea for any snow if front gets this far ,temp2.5. dew 1c with a south east breeze bringing less cold air off north sea
  7. I think our time is still to come in east essex,the latest gfs shows snow only just leaving the coast around 6am in the morning so looking like the band may slow down in a few hours leaving more time for lower dew points and colder 850 temps....2.5C dp1.2C here in clacton,essex
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=344&v=5FbYHU2flSM Good youtude video from dan holley of weatherquest about tuesday eve
  9. Dan Holley's take on today.maybe a surprise for us on the coast.dry clear sky's here at the mo
  10. Sun starting to come out,19C already and humid,not sure we in best place for storms but some of us in east anglia going to get some cracking ones later
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