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  1. Yes it's pretty bad at the mo. Thankfully we're halfway through the grass pollen season now. It seems to run last week in May to last week in July, so we're on the downhill to the finish now
  2. But not horrendous if you don't like hot weather . As a severe hayfever sufferer, this is not bad news for now. But once the grass pollen season is over (end of July), I would welcome warm (but not hot) sunny weather with open arms. The model output right now is not bad in my eyes
  3. Totally agree - I personally don;t get the love-in for hot weather. A comfortable sunny 19 to 22 is perfect. Anything 26/27+ is just too oppressive. Can't say I'm enjoying it, and very much looking forward to the cooler weather Friday onwards, even if it means a bit of the wet stuff.
  4. Are you sure it's extended? It still looks like a Weds to Fri affair to me, which has been the case for a few days now. Thankfully less hot, but still warm by Saturday.
  5. Regardless of where we all are, it looks like a 2-3 day “hot” affair when all is said and done (Weds to Fri). This has been the case for the last few days now, although next Sat is a long way off in weather terms so who knows whether it will remain or get shunted off.
  6. We are getting plenty of warmth and sun now at 20-22C. Crewe is saying "keep your 30C" which I am sure many of us agree with - too hot for most...... the current weather of 22C is perfectly adequate for 99% of the population. Looking at the models this morning, the LP to the west looks to be a smidgen closer to the UK on Sat/Sun that previously modelled - next Tuesday (a week away yet!) has the potential to be a very warm, perhaps hot day. Lots of water to flow under the bridge before then!
  7. Looking at the near term, I noted that the weekend low is described as “developing and deepening” in the North Sea. Isn’t that unusual for the North Sea at any time, let alone June?
  8. Anyone else hearing a rumble of thunder? (Wakefield, 3.39pm, 04/06/2020)
  9. Hopefully we won't. Low to mid-20s is perfectly adequate and enjoyable summer weather. Anything north of 28C is just oppressive and not conducive to being able to do anything apart from mope about because it's too hot.
  10. Indeed - January 1984 was a classic. I lived in Bradford at the time and the snow was amazing. I think we'd all take that given what we've endured so far with 'winter'. Will be closely watching the models this week!
  11. I am not “hanging on the word” of any meteorologist (unfair statement if aimed at me) given the fluidity of the science of weather, I was simply observing a stated possible outcome.
  12. I’m still concerned that he also said a couple of days ago that the effect on the UK would be “enhanced westerlies”. Just our luck.
  13. Thanks Paul - not that I know of. I use the forum on a work computer and also my personal iPhone, and I get the symptoms on both.
  14. This is still happening. Continually get asked to accept cookies. I always click Yes.
  15. Perhaps some fog or frost next week? Haven’t had a pea souper for ages. What happens after the high slides away is of interest re the possible northerly.
  16. You’re not missing much at the minute Mark!!!!
  17. I keep getting asked to accept Cookies every few days, even though I always click Accept. This happens on a variety of devices and platform, eg Google Chrome browser on Windows laptop, and also in Safari on iOS iPhone. Any ideas? Surely it should only come up once.
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