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  1. After a warm and settled couple of days here in Wakefield, and uncomfortable nights for sleeping, it's all of a sudden got very breezy here at 1.45pm. Weather starting to turn as expected.
  2. A much more pleasant 24C in Leeds at the moment (14:56), and not particularly humid. It really doesn't need to be any hotter - we can all enjoy this.
  3. That is a fair point, but the question didn't seem to be worded like that.
  4. You asked the same question about the GFS 06z. Is there any reason why you can't look yourself?
  5. For those of us who don't like the heat, not long to go now before a bit of a cool down - bring it on! Quite happy for dry and sunny weather, but 22C would be perfect!
  6. It’s just a touch too warm for me. I think if you knocked off 3-4 degrees it would be perfect. Looking forward to the cool down!
  7. Must admit I’m quite looking forward to a short mobile spell of weather.
  8. It's wasn't the intention of my post to wind anyone up.
  9. Not everyone likes hot weather. Plenty might be quite pleased about the output. Impartiality
  10. I haven't minded the weather so far this summer (for Wakefield). Appreciate it's been a bit grim in the south. We've had a warm spell for a couple of weeks in early June, but I've not particularly minded the slightly cooler weather, but then again we haven't had the rain that has been had in the south. As I've said before, I don't mind anything that supresses the grass pollen levels, but I'm on holiday later in July and August, and grass pollen is over by then, so would be quite happy for a bit of a warm up, but preferably nothing over 25C, as that is more than adequate, 22C/23C would be perfect
  11. Those type of charts aren’t to be trusted at the 10-14 day range surely?
  12. Absolutely perfect day here in Wakefield. A few days ago Sunday was forecast to rain all day. As it happens it’s partially sunny, dry, warm not hot, ideal temperature. I’ve got jobs done in the garden and it’s much better than when it’s hot and humid. For me, we can have these conditions for the rest of the summer.
  13. Yes it’s strange that. I’m forever hearing people in the street sneezing and sniffling in high summer, and know quite a few people who get it badly like me.
  14. Yes it is an urban myth unfortunately. I've looked at everything, and this one has been officially written off as not having any effect at all.
  15. Really? I know a lot of people who have it. A quick search reveals that 16 million people in the UK have hayfever. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
  16. Yes, I suffer really badly with grass pollen, so that is typically last week in May through to first or second week in July. It seemed to start late though this year as I wasn't affected until first week in June. Medication helps a little, and Cetirizine is my antihistamine of choice. However I have found the best approach for me in recent years is preventative measures - ie prevent the pollen getting into me in the first place. First of all I wear Woodyknows nasal filters (available from Amazon). You clip these to your nose, and the idea is they filter the pollen as you breathe, so it makes sense that if the pollen doesn't get into your nose, you won't get an allergic reaction. The other thing I do is give up alcohol for 6 weeks. There was an blog on the Met Office web site some time ago that advised that alcohol stimulates the production of histmine in the body, histamines setting off the allergic reaction. So no alcohol = less histamine production = lesser chance of allergic reaction. Heineken 0.0 is highly recommended by the way and light years ahead of the likes of Kaliber from years gone by. I've also read about reducing dairy intake during peak grass pollen season but I haven't done that. Another good tip is a Neilmed Nasal Rinse - if you can imagine your nose and sinsuses being full of pollen etc, then rinsing out does help. I do this a couple of times a day when it's really bad. I've seen a couple of other things such as Haymax balm under the nose to "trap" pollen, but I've done this before and it doesn't work for me, and also an acupuncture band that goes around the elbow and supposedly focuses on a pressure point that stops the reaction. These have reasonably good review on Amazon, but I am sceptical about things like that. In summary, June is a pretty miserable month for me and I will glad when July comes and the grass pollen season starts to decline. Also any grey, damp and cool days in June are most welcome. I like nice sunny days like everyone, but much prefer them mid-July onwards
  17. I have to say being a severe hayfever sufferer and having a bad week this week, I am very much looking forward to rain and a cool down, as it helps supress grass pollen levels. The sooner and longer lasting the better for me. However, as grass pollen subsides into early/mid July, I'll let you have the warmth and sun back then. Deal?!
  18. I went for a run yesterday too - much better conditions for running at about 17C vs the 24C from the other day.
  19. Yes I totally agree - it's freezing cold but there is no accumulated snow in much of the country. Not a Feb '91 by any stretch. However, with the cold established, you just never know when there's going to be some frontal snow. I was looking at the famous Ian McCaskill forecast on YouTube from Feb 1991, and we had that low pushing up from France which gave us all the fantastic historical event that we all refer back to. The cold is here, the patterns will change, but sooner or later there's got to be a low pressure system in the vicinity to give us (as in most of the UK) some frontal snow surely. Onto the 12z's to watch for this happening!
  20. Really?! That's not the impression I get from the 0z and 6z runs.
  21. T+384 charts never come close to happening. It's fine posting these charts (it's the model output thread after all), and I'm pleased that you like them, but I think most of us here have a bit of realism when it comes to anything at that timescale
  22. Nice to look at but at 384 hours it may as well go in the bin!
  23. Now snowing in Wakefield after 20 hours of rain. Cornflake snowflakes!
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