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  1. Look for a desktop scanner with slide scanning functionality - best solution overall.
  2. People will do well to remember this in Winter when posting charts at T+1000 - a completely futile exercise.
  3. Two apps I use are: Rain Alarm, which shows a live radar for the last few hours. Great to see which direction rain is approaching from and how quickly. Thermometer - which I used for running to check the local temperature, the data being pulled from local weather stations. Would be interested to hear of any radar apps that go back more than 3 hours, eg sometimes I want to see the radar from 24 hours ago and scroll forward to now.
  4. On the contrary, the upcoming "storm" has piqued my interest and I've returned to the forum after a break of a couple of weeks. For me, much more interesting than model watching hot oppressive weather, especially at this time of year - quite unusual for August to have such a windy spell. The irony is that the storm may not be named as we are not in the 'right' time of the year.
  5. Awful conditions today 😞

    1. lassie23


      when your fan blows hot air at you, you know something ain't right

  6. Not sure about that. For me, the week just gone was just right. Mainly dry, not too hot, not too cold. I was at a car show this weekend, and the weather was just right. I went to the same show last year and it was far too hot and uncomfortable and no-one enjoyed it. Yesterday it was sunny and 21C, absolutely perfect. I can't understand why anyone would want it to be hot when we have got the weather on offer that we have presently which is spot on. As for the models, I don't see a lot to be disappointed about in the reliable timeframe (T+144) - the fine and pleasant weather continues! Perfect!
  7. Yes I agree. 28C in Wakefield yesterday and a much more pleasant 19C today. Perfect summer weather!
  8. Not fussed about 30C, too hot. Currently 26C in Wakefield which is quite alright!
  9. Lofthouse, Wakefield. Local weather station reporting 23.0C at 12:31. Not massively hot and overall quite comfortable!
  10. That would be spot on, and much better than 30C plus and high humidity, which even a BBC forecaster said today would feel unbearable. Looking at tonight’s 18z, the 850 temps seem to want to tail off during the day, so temps might be pegged back as the day progresses.
  11. If there’s one thing everyone should learn from this is that you shouldn’t get hooked in by anything over 6 days away (T+144). We know this from snow hunting in the winter and it’s happened now with this plume.
  12. Not a long spell of hot weather though? Seems like it’s going to be all over by Sunday (until next time).
  13. That is a fair point. I am a weather enthusiast but high humidity doesn’t appeal.
  14. How about 25C and low humidity? Most of the population wouldn’t mind warm/hot weather if it wasn’t muggy or sticky. I’m hoping for the models to show a less humid (but still sunny and warm) outcome.
  15. People are actually looking forward to it being hot and humid, sticky and oppressive next week? Can’t think of anything worse.

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    2. Dami


      I always look forward to being sweaty.

    3. karyo


      I depends on causes the sweat! lol

    4. Dami


      norty, karyo.


  16. Let’s hope for a backtrack on the 12z. Can’t think of anything worse than temps in the 30s.
  17. I kept my socks on in bed last night and a colleague at work had her heating on........ It's June, what's going on?!
  18. It doesn’t make any difference whether there’s 4 pages or 400 pages - you click on the forum link and you’re taken to the last post you viewed automatically.
  19. When you look at the 00z runs and think of throwing the towel in, and along comes the 06z........ I don't think anyone is going anywhere for now.... Gripping stuff this model watching. You just can't tear yourself away.
  20. We’d have been salivating over this T+240 chart a couple of weeks back. Lovely Greenland block. Alas chalk and cheese when compared to the 12z. Either way, we hardly have an Atlantic onslaught on the horizon. Great model watching continues to abound!
  21. Looks that way as it stands - if the 12z GFS and ECM are anything to go by, what does fall this week will be all gone by Sunday.
  22. Sadly looks like there's nothing much to get overly excited about: "...significant accumulations of snow are not expected to be widespread at lower levels." https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/news/releases/2019/snow-and-ice-warnings-for-uk
  23. Exactly - it's the 5-10cm plus that would get the most excitement. 1-2cm isn't ticking the boxes for me.
  24. 1-3cm of snow.... wow 🙄

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      Aye, wow for the christmas pudding, 20+ years ago though 1-3 cms would be nothing, and not worth the excitement

    2. lassie23


      site will be in meltdown like the 1cm of snow on wednesday morning

    3. CreweCold


      mate, the way this winter has gone, I'd bite your hand off for 1-3mm of snow

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