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  1. Quite agree A, can’t discuss NEXT Christmas until December 26th ......
  2. My 26.7 Gloucestershire, posted Friday 10.04 if allowed.
  3. JUstin case anyone began to get excited by the misdemeanours in the MAD thread I now have flower buds on my fruit trees so any thoughts of frost can s*d off until late autumn please. Seriously, late frosts are not good for growers! Let the sun shine.
  4. Be an interesting start to the Cheltenham Festival if that comes off. Looks cold, very windy and a lot of showers which could be wintry.
  5. Thanks Jay, I think! Looks as bad as it can get, certainly a day for thermals!
  6. Cheltenham Festival next week. Great day out but if it’s cold, wet and windy the pleasure fades as the day progresses! Anyone any thoughts on next Tuesday/Wednesday? Dry or at least mainly dry would be good.
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