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  1. Hi 16.4C for me with 77mm rain mainly from storms last 1/3 rd of the month.
  2. Couldn’t sleep Dorset? Very grey and damp here, temp 6.2, not expecting to see the sun today.
  3. Vile day, not the only one recently, cannot imagine a summer drought with parched grass and dry cracks in the ground. It’s been an awful winter, be glad to see the back of it!
  4. Yes probably the worst in my very long memory, even the models really struggled to find any momentous charts for widespread snow closer than 240hrs. Not a thing to get excited about! Best not reread the NW winter forecast with regard to February precipitation....that is the definition of a bust. guess we will all start again in November.....
  5. A chilly start but as with most of this winter the warmth will win. So I will go for 8.1 and 90mm please.
  6. Morning Tom, lets have a go: CATEGORY 1: (next date of "Settling Snow, in the S.E.Region) - 2nd March CATEGORY 2: ( exact date and name of last named Storm to enter Shipping Forecast area, and in which Shipping Forecast area will it attain its lowest central Pressure (in millibars) -Hugh - Bailey CATEGORY 3: (exact date/Temp. to nearest degree Celsius, of last AIR Frost of the Season, in S.E.Region) - 19th March CATEGORY 4: (exact date that 21c+ (70f+) is first recorded, in the S.E.Region) - 3rd May you never know.
  7. Thick fog mist of the morning and heavy frost only cleared very slowly. Clear skies in Trowbridge now and temp dropping sharply, already misty and looking like a cold night to come. Breeze may pick up later in the night to lift any fog patches...we will see.
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