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  1. Lot of cloud around Trowbridge, not the wall to wall sunshine I was hoping for. Temps holding up at 23.4 but sun is intermittent.
  2. Stopped in Trowbridge now but really intense rain for 20 mins, no thunder though. Smells very fresh out now and sun reappearing to the south and west.
  3. Pouring with rain, thunder and lightning all around. Had it, enjoyed it want my sun back now please!
  4. Raining in Trowbridge, continuous thunder, couple of flashes.....storms a coming.
  5. Still a perfectly boring sheet of white cloud here in Wiltshire, perhaps you coast huggers could send a little of your blue sky up our way.....please.
  6. Who stole my sun? I want it back, return it by midday and we will say no more about it!
  7. Hi, please change my temp prediction up to 8.6, thanks.
  8. Put an umbrella over him, your challenge is to keep him alive until the next beast
  9. Just started to come down moderately with large flakes in Trowbridge. A few hours of this would be nice!
  10. Hi note from fergie an hour ago, plenty of interest Thursday into Friday but lots of complexity: an Fergusson @fergieweather · 1h W COUNTRY 2/2 Later Thurs into Thurs night/Fri, low pressure from S continues to look threatening in models. Risk of more widespread snow spreading N; moderate-heavy in places, perhaps locally blizzards. Added risk of freezing rain following for some. Detail v complex/uncertain.
  11. Really hoping we get worthwhile snow before Friday. After that who knows? My feeling is that the models are underplaying the strength of the block and intensity of the cold air. I believe the low will struggle against the block and as it struggles it’s progress will slow and the warm sector will diminish. If it then moves east as it’s progress north is blocked then it will slow more as the block gets reinforced and will eventually stall perhaps around Denmark area. From here the low will retrogress along the Channeland Southern Counties, but with no cold centre all will fall As snow. Not a dissimilar scenario to 62/63, if my memory is correct. Anyone care to agree or disagree? Be interested to here views before the event, assuming of course that the low even makes it to the Channel. As I type clouds are now rolling across the Trowbridge snowshield, is it possible that rare flakes will actually touch down here today? Good luck all.