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  1. Hi, a question for the more knowledgeable. I understand why more eastern counties would be favoured for snow of course but with very cold air arriving next week would this not become quite unstable travelling over the North Sea creating troughs that could easily reach the West Country? Indeed could these be quite numerous and intensive as time goes by? Perhaps I am looking at a straw to clutch!
  2. Hi please revise my earlier guess down to 3.2, précis remains the same, thanks.
  3. Too true Eliy, I remember it well and fondly. What a winter that really was! With just a bit of luck this could for a week or two rival that especially if we get a real snowmaking trough come up from France into our frigid air later next week. Hard to imagine as I look out onto clear blue sky, pleasant sunshine and even harder to persuade other folk. Bet they will wish they had listened by this time next week.
  4. I seldom post but always read, have tracked MAD thread all winter and nothing comes close to what is about to unfold next week. Thought I would never see another 1962/63 but this could even rival that epic if the ECM low next Tuesday materialises, and I would not rule out further Chanel lows after. Seriously folks ENJOY BUT BE PREPARED, this is a very unusual experience so ensure others are safe after the weekend if it is still in play.
  5. Think you are absolutely right Jethro. I rarely post, confess I do not have the technical knowledge of others and feel not worthy of mentioning anything if it lacks the incisiveness of say Tamara, Steve M, GP, SINGULARITY ETC (certainly not having a go at them, I enjoy their reads). So I remain a reader who enjoys the weather rather than a contributor. I certainly enjoy the Regionals more, and the SW is one of the more friendly but even here I seldom comment. Still look at netweather several times a day though.
  6. Really really gloomy and dull, temp 11C, no wind. No wonder people get depressed at times, just awful weather!
  7. Hi WIB, interesting hypothesis but seems totally at odds with Nick F’s storm chart in the post above. Looking at the 200 mph jet stream spawning very deep lp systems our way does not show any indication of blocking far south of the pole so hard to see anything more than transient nw spells of interest to cold lovers. Glad to hear your views on this.
  8. Is it really any different from the many on here who look for analogue years and repeat cycles, yes he is not conventional but that does not make him a crackpot and in my view I join a forum for a wide range of views, pleasure and fun with weather related lore. Seems entirely harmless and probably at least as good as my old seaweed. Some of the NATO’s minded pseudo experts on here could possibly learn a thing of two imo.
  9. Good to see you posting Fred, hope you re well. Happy with an average/below forecast as by definition this means there will be colder periods and that is an improvement on the last few years. All to look forward to.