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Summer of '47

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    Tonbridge, Kent
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    Hardware: Davis VP2, with Solar Radiation and UV Sensors.
    Software: WeatherLink, Weather Display & Weather Display Live

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  1. Here are a couple of wx notes, the first one local to me. "The wind blew with such violence that that it destroyed over 1,100 houses in Kent alone. Branchely Church near Tunbridge lost its steeple. Scarely a house was undamaged in Tonbridge and Penhurst Park lost 500 trees. The wind blew so hard that it brought salt in from the Channel and cattle refused to eat the brine-crusted grass at Cranbrook, 17 miles inland." (Source: Bob Ogley) [The 'Great Storm' of 1703 which commenced on Friday 26th November (old-style) was probably the worst ever experienced in England.....Possibly a rejuvenated At
  2. Thanks for the complements John - all my own work but then I work in IT and have had years experience with websites. Oh to be free of work commitments and able to keep the live updates running 24/7 though...
  3. Hi, you can add my station if you like too.... http://www.tonbridge-weather.org.uk/ Tonbridge, Kent, UK , Latitude 51° 11' N, Longitude 0° 16' E Cheers Dave
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