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  1. Still frosty here in Kent, the bird bath didn't thaw all day .. been a gorgeous day though .. as was yesterday .. but well chilly
  2. been a gorgeous day here today and yesterday in the South East .. icy though .. the ice hasn't melted on my bird bath all day! Here is a pic of the sunset tonight .. just loved the cloud formation
  3. Angel15

    Angel's Album

    of Family (Human, Feline and Equestrian!!)
  4. has not set their status

  5. Thx for the compliment re the rainbow pic - taken with my little Motorola!! Have to get a proper camera one day.

  6. Well thank you!! .. I don't have wings yet though!! LOL!

  7. Angel15

    Make us laugh

    OMG! http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif
  8. Love your Avatar - great photo (as are all the ones you post!) :)

  9. I hope it is not an indication of the months to come.
  10. One of my friends, Pam, who lives in Brighton told me that her next door neighbour got cancer (skin cancer) on the face and it literally destroyed her face through the operations she had to have to try and remove it - I don't know the outcome as I lost touch with Pam.
  11. Angel15

    Make us laugh

    Good inducement to travel with them eh!!!!!
  12. What actually caused the fog to be so awful?
  13. Yes and the hosepipe ban is still in place - not that we need a hosepipe for the garden now! And water bills are set to rise by 70%!!!! http://money.uk.msn.com/MyMoney/Insight/Sp...umentid=1110825
  14. Angel15

    Me at the Seaside

    From the album: Angel's Album

    Here I am when I was about 6 at St Osyths (and that is not my Mum behind me - my Mum was on the other side and my Dad was taking the photo!!!!)
  15. Angel15


    From the album: Angel's Album

    When he was a kitten - now fully grown and a real bruiser-boy in cat terms!!
  16. From the album: Angel's Album

    Yes I am a trekkie - but only of the original series and the Next Generation really (not keen on Voyager)
  17. Angel15

    Me again

    From the album: Angel's Album

    Just so no one thinks I am a bloke!!! LOL!
  18. Angel15


    From the album: Angel's Album

    HollyBolly the untemperamental mare!
  19. Angel15


    From the album: Angel's Album

    and Teddy!!
  20. Angel15


    From the album: Angel's Album

    Here4 is Sophie with her litter of kittens
  21. Angel15


    From the album: Angel's Album

    and this is my girl Bunty (she is 12 now!)
  22. Angel15


    From the album: Angel's Album

    This is Clover who is very vocal!
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