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    Football, cricket, guitar (after a fashion), weather of the most severe kind, my family of 3 kids, 2 cats and 1 wife
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    Each season has its own merits but, since you press me, heavy snow

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  1. Wet snow over past hour with a patchy covering just NW of Cambridge. 0.8 degrees.
  2. Hope so, though the latest update from BBC tv was distinctly underwhelming. Even suggested a warming by end of week, and very little precipitation for snow-starved Cambridge ☹️ Thinking positively.....
  3. If you think tonight’s snow will be virgin, y’er plain wrong. It’s sleet......for now. 🤣
  4. Cambourne, West Cambridgeshire, 25/1/21
  5. Inquisitive Robin by the River Cam, Cambridge, 26/1/21
  6. Cambourne, west Cambridgeshire - just inside the snowline, 25/1/21
  7. Continuing the football theme, a less-than-scientific theory, to buoy up those of us looking forward to some decent snow. Today, Stoke City drew away for the 6th consecutive match. Last time they did that? Dec 1962. ‘Nuff said 🤞
  8. Brief whiteout in NW Cambridge; heavy hail and roads and grass covered. 1.4 degrees
  9. Ouch indeed 🤣 However, you’re let off as I enjoy reading your well-researched posts too much!
  10. snowuse

    3 Word Story

    This time, carrotless.
  11. I can vouch for that CM. I too played on that day in Cambridge. Began the match with the oddest very large but scattered raindrops falling, and finished the game with 2” of snow on the ground. Surprised we were able to finish. I found the snow inspired me and I bagged a brace in a 4-2 win!
  12. Snowing moderately in Cambridge. Grass just beginning to whiten.
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