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  1. We have 23cm of snow here, which for this area can only be beaten by the epic December 2010 which delivered 30cm, so this has been a pretty special snow event for us! It looks as though we have had a decent bit of snow overnight too. Good to see so many of us have done well. 😀
  2. Run complete in near whiteout conditions at times, with that beautiful orange glow in the sky. Loved every second of it! 😀😀😀 Weather report - heavy snow showers passing by fairly regularly at the moment, covering of a cm or two so far. Hope everyone gets their share over the next few days.
  3. First shower for a few hours here and we now have a covering on all surfaces... just in time for me going out for a run! This could be fun! 😄
  4. Sounds promising, hopefully your right! 😀 We’ve had a couple of showers so far today, but nothing that’s lasted longer than a few minutes so still little on the ground.
  5. Similar here, but we aren’t in the amber warning area, interesting one.
  6. How’s it looking to the east of Edinburgh @LomondSnowstorm? Are we likely to be in the firing line at some stage in my neck of the woods? MetOffice app showing heavy snow/heavy snow showers here from this evening and most of tomorrow, but we aren’t in the amber warning area so not expecting too much.
  7. No snow here overnight. Still the same patchy dusting we had last night.
  8. Certainly look to be creeping south so hopefully they will arrive later on. Last couple of showers have started lying more widely, road looking white now whereas earlier it was just melting. Good sign for later.
  9. Weather station reading 0.7C now, been sat at 1.3C most of the day. Been snow grains most of the day but not amounting to more than some mini drifts in corners of the garden and some on the grass. Keeping an eye on those heavier showers in the North Sea, slowly creeping south... 🤞🏻
  10. 2010 was epic for us in East Lothian, this picture was taken close to the Forth, at sea level. The snow was over a foot deep and lying on the beach. Incredible stuff for this neck of the woods!
  11. Temperature creeping down slowly here. Weather station was reading 3.1C earlier but has crept down to 2.6C. Still rain showers for now.
  12. Interesting article on the potential in the upcoming period, good read! Finally: Beast from the East set to release extreme cold and snow over Europe next week WWW.SEVERE-WEATHER.EU A cold outbreak is setting up for next week as a so-called Beast from the East will push extreme cold and also some snow towards the central-west Europe.
  13. Nothing but occasional cold rain here. Assuming the strong easterly wind is ruining our snow chances today, not that I thought they were high to begin with. 😄
  14. Yes, ill expect rain or sleet and if it snows it’ll be a pleasant surprise. We had a few showers this afternoon which were all of snow, albeit of the wet variety. Hopefully bodes well.
  15. These MetOffice warnings where they warn of snow “away from eastern coastal districts” always has me wondering if I’m included in that area!? 😄 Technically we aren’t on the East Coast, we are further inland but we are still fairly close to the Forth and only at 50m. This warning for midweek warns of snow away from eastern coastal districts, yet our text warning mentions rain and sleet with snow on high ground. Confusing. We are a couple of miles outside of the yellow warning so expecting rain or sleet, but it was only a few weeks ago we got three inches of snow from a frontal event
  16. Three inches of snow here! Easily the most I’ve seen here for a few years. Can’t remember the last time we had this amount of snow from anything other than a BFTE, decent accumulations from any other direction are very rare here given our modest elevation and proximity to the sea. Looking beautiful outside, shame I’ve got to work! Glad to see so many of us enjoying some snow.
  17. Snowing quite heavily here now and lying on all surfaces! Happy days! 😀
  18. Great to see many of us getting some snow overnight. In the end we just had a light covering here, no more than a cm. Still, even that was an unexpected bonus. Given we got snow last night, interested to see what tonight brings, but as usual here, best to expect nothing and anything else is a bonus! 😄 Currently 1C, with light rain and mist.
  19. Been enjoying reading this great forum for a few years now without posting but thought I ought to get involved. 🙂 Currently 3 degrees and rain here, we are only at 50m so not expecting any snow here over the next few days given my lack of elevation. Would be more than happy with a couple of cm’s, but fully expect to be looking out at rain/sleet while places like Cousland a few miles up the road are digging themselves out! 😄
  20. Interesting to see the Amber warning extended from 6pm today to 10am tomorrow morning. Clearly potential for further decent accumulations for many of us! ? Great seeing everyone’s snow pictures. Easily the best snow since 2010 here.
  21. Fair bit of snow in Prestonpans, I’d say somewhere around 15-20cm. Roads are bad but passable with care here. Unsure what it’s like on the A1 though.
  22. Hope your all looking forward to our upcoming Snowy spell! I don’t often post in here but I’m a long time lurker and love reading the forum! Great to see the majority of us should see some of the white stuff this week. Can echo @Paul Martin comments earlier about missing the showers, didn’t snow here in Prestonpans for 3 hours or so. However I’m assuming there must have been a subtle change in wind direction as we have been hit with two heavy snow showers in the last hour that’s left a beautiful covering of a few cm’s on all surfaces! Winter Wonderland and this is only just the star
  23. Seen this on metcheck earlier: We are currently monitoring the possibility of a rogue vortex embedded within Storm Nadjas circulation to bring heavy snow and blizzard conditions for a time across North-west England, South-west and Eastern Scotland during the early hours of Saturday morning and into Saturday afternoon. Freezing levels are likely to drop to between 300-400m within this vortex with the possibility of this lowering to 100-200m as the system pushes North-east bringing snow and accumulations in strong Southerly gales to lower levels. How likely is this is come off and is there th
  24. Seems the media are forgetting the battering Scotland will take from this up coming storm! Should we expect a belt of the strongest winds to funnel through the central belt as is often the case or is the worst of this storm likely to be limited to the NW? Sleet showers here earlier, no snow!
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