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    I like life, my wife, my family, golf, guitar, my job (!), poetry (especially), my garden, driving fast, several types of alcohol (not at the same time as the driving) running (sprinting, NOT jogging), Tom Petty, Counting Crows, the Kinks, walking on the moors and Kate Bush (no, not walking on Kate Bush, I have just never been out of love with her, ever since she did "Wuthering Heights" on Top of The Pops). In fact, today and most days, I like just about everything - except people who drive at 36mph in a 60 zone and most people with baseball caps the wrong way round. Oh! And I really detest the ugly welsh dragon whom I have as a PA - I didn't choose her!! I don't like baked beans with brown sauce on either. Or those small dogs (especially Yorkshire Terriers) that can be easily mistaken for welcome mats. I also own a very dicky, but sometimes marvellous Tardis which, on good days, allows me to see the future share price of Marks and Spencer. Overall, I am well worth knowing.

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  1. Good grief. Could you imagine the utter chaos if that kind of winter was ever to be repeated with 60m people now in the UK and 32million cars - mind you I suppose we could use the Thames as an extra few lanes to the Embankment!
  2. Agreed! Wholeheartedly! Ah! Now that's got him!
  3. Last January, North Rona recorded a gust of 126 knots, 145 mph and had sustained winds of over 100mph for 9 continuous hours. I hope the shags had a decent grip <_< Paul
  4. Bloody terrific! ('scuse the swearing, but in this one instance, I thought it might be justified!). I'm in awe. Thanks Mr. D! I think I love you for posting such a fantastic sequence of charts. So useful to me! Look at that 20C 850hpa isotherm on 10.08/03. We won't get 38.5C with our present chart. I'm not sure that 03/07/76 is achievable with the 06z gfs, but the position of the 15C isotherm, on the 850hpa chart is almost similar and almost as far north and 35.9C was recorded than. Thanks again, Paul
  5. 62/63, I was young, but old enough to remember, in Pontefract, in Yorkshire. However, I remember little of being outside - I got the measels in early Jan and had to have 6 weeks off school, then exactly one week later, I got the mumps and also had 6 weeks off school again!! By then, it was almost spring. I do remember going to school in the week that I was fully well, but being sent straight back home, as the boiler had burst over the weekend and there was no heat! Oh well! Paul
  6. No I'm not, but it is nice of you to think so! I'd recommend "Children in Exile" from a later collection as his finest work and one of the finest poems of the 20th Century. Love the stats. I suppose you were on the boundary fence, chucking snowballs, on that most memorable Buxton June Day!
  7. TM, (had to say!); you do realise (and I'm sure an educated gent like yourself would) that you are really the first published collection of poetry by one of my all-time favourite poets, don't you? *>)) Paul
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