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  1. not storm of the century, but even the beeb are hinting at a one watch for monday. now its in the reliable i for one will be watching all models
  2. londonsnow

    You're favourite comedian?

    ronnie barker and eric m. least favourite jimmy carr
  3. brief but dramatic storm here in oxfordshire/cotswolds. power cut and hail. v gusty. v unexpected. eased now and power just back
  4. londonsnow

    The Food, Recipe And Dining Thread

    easy. kari daging and rice is my favourite. i used go to a favourite restaurant in soho central london which was brilliant at it. unfortunately since moving to the cotswolds its hard to find
  5. londonsnow

    Things You Watch on TV...

    he he coast! i like all those programmes that show off britain. aside from those hairy bikers
  6. londonsnow

    Things You Watch on TV...

    i never understood the appeal of only fools. i love coast and anything with keith floyd/rick stein. aside from those its slim pickings
  7. londonsnow

    Worst ever TV programme?

    love island (itv), and the programme about a chicken shop in clapham, sw london, which is on at the moment. oh and x factor, bgt and most of the reality rubbish
  8. i agree. the only thing which makes it darker is the weather. the sun is fairly consistent!
  9. cant wait until the mist and fog sets in now, in my first country autumn in many years. let those nights draw in!
  10. londonsnow

    The Curry Thread

    going to try and make a dal today and serve with rice and salad, mango chutney and a naan. i hope madhur's complex recipe works
  11. londonsnow

    Perseids Meteor Shower 2013

    Thanks for that
  12. londonsnow

    Perseids Meteor Shower 2013

    Just saw a green trail one is that normal? Very chilly, dare I say it autumnal!
  13. londonsnow

    Perseids Meteor Shower 2013

    Just seen a few hanging out of the house window in the Cotswolds with my cocoa. V clear and dark. I'm trying work out which planets I can see
  14. Since I moved from central London to a house in a forest I have become very aware of the night sky without light pollution. Seen several shooting stars this evening. Part of the persieds I guess!
  15. td bonnie is a mess but quite a threat to the bp scenario

  16. safe to say...we was rob'd.

  17. londonsnow

    Need Help On The Site/forum?

    i'm sorry but i'm finding this site so painfully slow now that i'm wondering whether to give up. it cant be my internet stick because all other sites i use, eg thebbc site, are all fine. the forum area is especially slow. even posting this meagre post has taken ages. very very frustrating.
  18. londonsnow

    Weather online

    interesting forecast for sunday. never experienced a "gale force shower" before!! maybe its a sort of power shower
  19. londonsnow

    BBC Weather Monthly Outlook...

    yep rob is the best, but i still don't get the snow line unless you live in the far north and on high ground. maybe rob knows something that we don't
  20. londonsnow

    BBC Weather Monthly Outlook...

    who writes the bbc outlook, that last line about snow must be a joke, or a windup
  21. londonsnow

    Photos Of Late Season Snowfalls

    i witnessed the snow in june event. i lived in rural oxfordshire and it was amazing to wake up to a snowy scene in june. i have a pic somewhere of me in the snow in the garden. it melted by late afternoon i think. i was pretty young so all a bit hazy!
  22. londonsnow

    The Great Snowstorm Of March 1886

    very interesting. what i find amusing is the fact that there was "no serious interruption to street traffic" in london. so we coped better in 1886 than 2009. great
  23. londonsnow

    Winter 1990-91 The great December snowstorm/February freeze

    i remember well the february freeze. i had recently moved to London to start my first job and was living fairly centrally. the snow was incredible, coinciding with one of Buchan's spells, which i personally am not convinced by, but are a bit of fun. I remember trudging through deep snow in covent garden, nearly a foot of it. the lovely thing about that spell was that the snow was pure powder, blowing around the london streets. the odd thing is that the travel networks seemed to be quite well equipped. these days its mayhem here in a bit of sleet. I havent seen anything like it in London since, and i'll have probably moved from the city by the time it happens again! anyway a very memorable event
  24. londonsnow

    56.54 Inches Of Rain......in One Month

    blimey, that's approaching 5 foot of rain. unbelieveable
  25. londonsnow

    A Right Old Washout......

    interesting to see the synoptics for that month. clearly a very active atlantic!