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  1. It’s not even February and you have given up ! 🙄
  2. -1 here on the coast at cleethorpes
  3. We’re has this wind come from ? Lol
  4. None over hear in cleethorpes either ! Plenty of winter yet to come though!❄️
  5. Cold and dry here in Cleethorpes
  6. Here’s hoping we all get a decent covering, few days off work would be great
  7. Snow to rain here in Cleethorpes now
  8. Snow to sleet rain early hours !
  9. Not mod related.. happy new year all.. keep up the good work
  10. Happy Christmas all..❄
  11. What a season it has been, what does it take these days to have proper winter weather at our latitude.. Looking forward to reading all the posts later this year..
  12. What does it take to get proper winter weather at our latitude these days..