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i luv snow

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  1. is looking forward to a bit of the white stuff..

    1. Snow_Fan_Man


      Ha, i bet you are. Dirty so and so ;)

  2. Yes I am still around, 7 years been using this place. And yes I remember you... How are things? Looking forward to snow?

  3. is back for the Winter (a little early) it seems..

  4. gdgd! your on my list but not online..so u mite have to add me again? [email protected] :)

  5. lol so do i, cant hekp myself get sucked right in! Thanks dude, right back at ya, hope we all do. Im still due one, been a few years since i saw a proper snowfall - missed out on the good stuff last year :( jeeez its been ages since i chatted to u last, life treatin u well?

  6. oi ya cheeky git i know im sorry i aint been on in ages BUT im always addicted in winter dnt u worry ;) how u doin mate?

  7. Sorry I cant resist.

    But as per your signature...

    you 'drop to your knees' when 'hope runs out' ?

    Tut tut

    I'm disgraced :D

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