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  1. is off to work.

  2. - Minus 16c wind chill = Ouch.

    1. azores92


      feels it too. bitter

    2. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      Aye, my hands almost froze over a while ago when I was out in the wind!

  3. - 2 cms of snow. Quick, call the schools to check if they are open, and don't go out unless absolutely essential. And they wonder why this country is in a state? Get off your lazy arses and stop looking for excuses, did we fight a war so we could lay in bed and moan about a little bit of snow and cold???

    1. Mondy


      Try 30cms and maybe you'll understand :-P

    2. disco-barry


      Your blind mondy, everything you see is upside down yer looking at the sky!

    3. Mondy


      ...and there is only one reason why you are blind...hehe ;-)

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  4. became a little bit more Norfolk today - I bought some green welly boots

  5. - Make that 13 stone 1lb..

  6. -Its funny how some people can be so critical, yet they are far from perfect themselves.

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