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  1. No Storms Club 2017 Season

    You'll forgive us if we don't shed too many tears for you Paul?
  2. M5 is partially blocked between J1 and J2, down to 1 lane due to flooding in lanes 1 and 2.
  3. Is there any chance of having Birmingham more clearly marked on the map - you have to zoom right in to locate it which is a pain when trying to take an overview of a wide area. Given it's the second largest city in the country if would make it a lot more user friendly to those of us in the West Mids. thanks
  4. Had 1 strike of lightening to the north west of Birmingham Airport, - hope for those in Derby I would suggest
  5. Severe Atlantic storms February 2014

    I'm sure it's the train station roof at Manchester Airport that's damaged rather than the airport itself.
  6. Severe Atlantic storms February 2014

    Judging from it's direction of travel looks like it's diverting, no idea where to though
  7. Severe Atlantic storms February 2014

    Emirates flight from Dubai has just aborted a landing at Manchester, looks like it's currently looping around for another attempt.
  8. Lots of flights diverting from Liverpool and Manchester airports into Birmingham and Heathrow
  9. Earthquake Activity Thread