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  1. 7.1 followed by a 7.4 followed by an 8.0, not sure I can remember 3 big to great earthquakes in such close proximity
  2. Gornal offers some incredible views alongside those shopping trolleys though, you also get that incredible chippy off the roundabout
  3. Biblical rain in East Wolves, wind has changed from Westerly to Easterly and now Southernly,
  4. Just looked outside my rear window, never seen anything like it, constant thunder in the distance
  5. NW radar showing rain over Wolverhampton for a while, not a drop is reaching the floor, not sure if it's evaporating on the way down.
  6. 5 Jet2 flights en route to Spain have turned around over France and are heading back to the UK, has Spain closed it's borders?
  7. Indeed, I am not having the numbers from America, cannot be anywhere near accurate.
  8. So the US has 137 reported cases with 11 deaths, what's peoples thoughts, is this a sign that there's a 100s of unreported cases or is this an anomaly based on the care home being very unlucky?
  9. I do take your point but on the flip side there's a comfort being on the doorstep of world class medical facilities that you find in our major cities.
  10. This seems significant to me, would mean that the virus was well established in Europe longer than assumed?
  11. And try de-icing your car once it's sat under freezing rain, ice scraper just scratches the surface, hammer and chisel would be more suitable.
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