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  1. Anyone had snow overnight in the Devon/Dartmoor area? Heard rumours of a covering have seen snow reports from the Welsh mountain biking centres as well.
  2. Good to see everyone south of the M4 get their dumping, it was a bit of a blink and you'll miss it event here.
  3. I'm sat at my desk in Gloucester and looking Northwest I can see the back edge of the front
  4. I was quite impressed Snow has stuck around all day in sheltered parts and north facing banks, untreated lanes were still slushy ice and in the process on re-freezing on my commute home. Not seen that for a while.
  5. Feeling a little more like winter this evening, temps falling away sharply now.
  6. Merry Christmas everyone. This afternoon had this funny glowing thing in the sky and everything was lit up, I don't think it was a star over a stable
  7. Cold rain here, and agreed with the discussion above weekends have been rubbish for ages
  8. Yeah a lovely day, the temperature started to drop quite quickly once the sun had gone down.
  9. I noticed Montana had several passes closed due to heavy snow this week
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