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  1. From looking at this mornings output I think we are just sitting on wrong side of marginal. Snow reserved to hills of north/west yorkshire perhaps penetrating to lower levels at times but struggling to settle. That is my current view on thursday. But like that snow event a couple fridays' ago, things can quickly change and it's still a possibility for appreciable lowland snow thursday.. Albeit a small chance at this stage.
  2. Yeah arpege showed most of England getting a pasting Thursday, just other day. Funny though most people wrote that model off a couple weeks ago, but it nailed quite early that massive snow event not long ago across parts of Yorkshire!
  3. Yeah hopefully ecm is onto something, could be some interesting overnight runs.
  4. The ECM tonight is an absolute dream, but usually this far out any sweet spot if there is to be snow usually ends up at least 100/200 miles north or south of where initially predicted. Can't be disregarded, certainly on the table but I'd give probability at this stage of around 5% that chart verifies. Some snow to lowish levels about 20%..
  5. Wow he's still a teenager, I thought he was in his mid 20s with that tash. Good look to the lad 😀
  6. I don't now what the Aprege eu is drinking, but I want some! 😲😂😁
  7. I don't now what the Aprege eu is drinking, but I want some! 😲😁
  8. Temperature shot up to 1.4c here with rain 🤣. Cars all iced up though.
  9. Yeah, looks like heavier showers are starting to cue up out in the irish sea. Temperature 0.1c here, expecting all snow if it doesn't rise as the showers approach. Dew point -1c should help though.
  10. Tonight into tomorrow morning has all the hall marks of the 'Aire gap' coming into play. Winds perfectly aligned to bring showers through settle > skipton> ilkley> Otley. Might get a nice little covering! Other area of interest looks like areas just east of manchester (cheshire gap). Peak district > sheffield > maybe rotherham to name a few places. Think showers should be more organised here in general. At the moment can't see any snow sunday, looks far too south of us, although southern parts of south yorkshire match just catch something.
  11. Also showers coming into the irish sea might be worth keeping an eye on later.
  12. Yeah a tad disappointing that, hopefully the precipitation to the west can get heavy and back build.
  13. Looked like it a few days ago, but now clearly not. Unfortantely I think it will be all but cleared us come 1-2am.
  14. Nice shouldn't be far off me then matey, although your a bit higher up than me.
  15. Expecting the transition from rain to snow to occur here between 11pm and 12pm.
  16. There's no question it's going to change over to snow in the areas already mentioned but the big concern is how long will the precipitation last? I just cant see it lasting long enough for any medium-big totals. Will probably be just be more of a novalty event seeing it hammer down with snow for a short time lol.. Still some could wake up to a little covering.
  17. Disappeared into the sunset with Kasim 😂😂 🤣
  18. I think the guy suggesting it could be a historical event, was just probably a little over excited as I saw on the radar he got caught under that torrential blob just as the rain/sleet transitioned to snow 😂.. Yeah some places getting heavy snow now in north west england might get a nice covering. And for a few lucky places in our region, will be likewise. Just depends on who gets the heavy/long lasting echoes when all conditions are favourable. The window for this is probably between 11pm-4am, not a big window but if you land jackpot with some torrential bursts in that time accumulations coul
  19. They are on the right side of colder air to the west and milder air to the east though and rapidly falling due points. A good sign though is their dew points are currently a couple degrees colder in places than forecast for around 9pm, so could bode well for us I suppose.
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