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  1. Looks like its pepping up now in the north sea, could be quite good for south yorkshire/ lincolnshire! ❄️
  2. Yes get in, snowing here and see its even better towards ilkley where I set off to work soon :). I thought going to bed last night it would be mostly dry here but south of humber getting hammered. Pleasantly surprised 😁
  3. latest gfs precip charts poor for us, but looking at radar is nice how that gap is filling in east of us.
  4. Also satellite may be worth checking in this regard, look for thickening cloud over the pennines or just east.
  5. There is a wild card thrown in the mix for parts of west and north yokshire or anyone on the eastern upslopes of the pennines. I mentioned it the other day as models/ data showed hints of this, As cold air from the east picks up moisture from the relatively milder north sea it is sent upwards as it hit's the pennines, quickly cools and falls back down as snow to us lucky lot on the eastern side. 😁 An actual Adiabatic cooling event. We would not have to look east to the north sea for showers, precipitation would just start to show up over western parts of our region, this would expand
  6. I'm suprised though it's changed so far south, I thought maybe a little tweak here and there..
  7. Yep would have been nice to have the charts on our side, but unfortunately their not. But, something could still pop up out the blue and deliver the goods, so I'm not writing it off just yet.
  8. I think the beast from the east 2.0 is certainly on now. Exciting times πŸ™‚
  9. Latest fax chart has convergence zone further south as well. Could be a lot of snow in this area! I think the further south the better now, give more chance of catching showers from the north east, as there will be a small dry zone just north of this convergence zone..
  10. It's looking great for linconshire/ south yorkshire and parts of east yorkshire. I am starting to worry for west yorkshire and western parts of north yorkshire, apart from tomorrow models are showing not too much snow for our parts of yorkshire now.
  11. Yeah, look at that dry zone on the boundry tough, I see a few models suggesting this, Aprege EU is worst case scenario just north of leeds. Might be a case of decent snow here in Kippax but much less as I drive through to Ilkley to work in the coming days.
  12. Remember though for every 3" snow reported down in the south east, there is in fact only 1" of snow! A useful tool for when snow reports come in down there πŸ˜‚
  13. Deep FI , but it would look ok to me. Better than it being too far south πŸ˜‚
  14. The motherload is almost upon us! 😱πŸ₯Άβ„️
  15. Yeah being right on the sea it usually melts quick in skeggy. But soon conditions should be cold enough for snow at all levels. One thing I've noticed when there's showers around lincolnshire, skeggy seems to always get the heavy ones.
  16. I hope so, I wouldn't want a repeat of 2010 and have to join PIT wandering the train tracks, waiting for that bright light to approach πŸ™„
  17. My nan lives in skegness, I've told her to expect some decent snowfall over the coming days!
  18. Latest gfs shows convergence zone nicely on monday. Looks agonisingly out of leeds reach looking at that, good bit further south.
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