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  1. So proud to be Leeds! Shame arsenal equalised but we did ride our luck just a little.. :p

    1. coldfingers


      YAY. Well done. Have a bit of ambivalent feelings though as I would rather they go out of the FA cup early and concentrate on going up into the premiership if possible. can't expect them to do too much in one season. Have supported leeds since the late 60's even though I have never been near their, just think they are a good team that have had a lot of unlucky things happen.

    2. Harsh Climate

      Harsh Climate

      Yes at the start of the game, I thought atleast when arsenal beat us we can concentrate on the league as thats most important, but as the game went on and we scored, I sooo wanted to win :D. On the bright side leeds should net around 750k from the replay! It just doesnt make sense how our defense can perform so well aggainst the likes of arsenal/man u/ tottenham yet get ripped apart by the likes of preston/barnsley/cardiff?? lol. Yes leeds have been very unlucky, when we spent all those ...

    3. Harsh Climate

      Harsh Climate

      millions under oleary the transfer market was at an all time high, but when we got into financial difficulty and had to sell, the transfer market had hit rock bottom, so we recouped very little of the money.. :( But hey things are looking up now, the glory days are just around the corner! :)

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