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  1. Ours stay on until 1.20am. I had always assumed they all went off together.
  2. Yes. I was going to say "I hope it lasts all night", but thought better of it!
  3. It is truly amazing! We have waited (im)patiently and have been well rewarded. I hope you have a good snowfest at some point this Winter too!
  4. "Relentless heavy snow". Never thought I'd hear that in this regional thread!
  5. Gosh, I hope this stays until tomorrow as I love taking pictures of snow(and trains!) This one good snowmageddon will keep me happy even if we don't get any more this Winter. I wonder how other parts of the country are doing?
  6. I love living next to the railway. Am always amazed at what goes on during the night!
  7. I hope there is a picture attached showing a train going by! (Not much good at technical stuff!)
  8. At last! Lots and lots of lovely snow! Garden is a Winter wonderland! I hope it stays all night so that I can take photos. I hope everyone who has some is enjoying it!
  9. Same here. I was so sure this morning, but now I feel totally deflated.' So disappointing...
  10. I have got my wellies and trusty snow shovel out from the garage. Bought the snow shovel some years ago and last March was the first time it was needed! Now it looks like it'll be needed again......two years in a row! Have a few extra bits and bobs of food in too, milk, bread, beans, soup. The shortages last March were a wake-up call!
  11. A very, very thin veil of cloud here. Everything is frozen solid, including some areas that didn't thaw yesterday. We have waited (im)patiently for months, but our time has come!
  12. Blimey, I've just checked MetO site for Winterbourne and Yate. Looks like heavy snow from mid afternoon until late evening! That's a huge improvement! I am starting to believe....
  13. Yes, that is good. Some of the ground didn't thaw out at all yestefday, so this is in our favour.
  14. On the outside I am calm, but on the inside I am in turmoil. Looking at those radar (?) images, the front (?) looks a bit broken in the middle. I have a horrible feeling that it will split and that one part will go to the North and the other part to the East , leaving the area to the NE of Bristol with a few poxy flakes. Oh, I'm getting hysterical now, must give myself a metaphorical slap. It's only snow noggin, it's only snow......
  15. Same here. Always checking the MetO site too! I am giving myself a nervous breakdown, but it's all so exciting! I really hope it won't be a damp squib!
  16. Really? That's odd...I imagined they'd all go off at the same time. I wonder why that is then?
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