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  1. Coming down heavy now in Warrington, wasn’t expecting any near coast tonight. Is there more expected in this part of Cheshire/Merseyside?
  2. Coming down heavy now in Warrington. C898D1DC-F49B-4F69-817E-3AD4076DC70F.MOV
  3. Snow in Warrington! If it keeps going for an hour like this it should stick... 12F1C10E-F253-4E03-9F68-B7E26864444D.MOV
  4. A couple of flurries, a hail shower, not much else in Warrington today. I live in hope for Sunday!!
  5. Blue sky in Warrington, hail shower earlier but our snow dome is in full effect!! Not confident about Sunday either. Reverse psycology........
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