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  1. My Hollyhocks are almost a month late in flowering and i have lost my Lupins and Delphiniums due to the rain/greedy slug people earlier on. This is my fifth year of losing seedlings. i garden organically and will not use chemicals. I have tried beer traps/copper wire etc to no effect. any ideas would be gratefully received
  2. Thank you very much Picog x seems very easy x
  3. Hi Lassie, Yes, looking warmer weds/thurs. Just would like like some respite from the relentless heat
  4. I have mown the front lawn today. Slightly cooler, but just as humid. Roll on tomorrow with the cooler(hopefully) conditions. Had enough of this muggy heat now. Need some fresh, cool air x
  5. Hi all, A rather cloudy start, but cloud breaking up nicely now. Tooooo hot! lol
  6. Hi all, How do I dry my basil leaves? They have been rather prolific and I don't want to waste them of course. Thanks
  7. Hello everyone, Humidity is disgusting! lol. Lovely to be back on the forum, Stealing my neighbour's wi fi (with their permission of course). The coming week looks hot again. Nice if you like it. I don't actually. Too much for me, but enjoy if you do x
  8. Hello my friends, Groggily back from having the flu. Twas bl**dy awful, but great for the figure! The weather has been very obliging and after disgracing itself over winter has managed to be rather lovely. Ground frost this morning. My little seedlings were shocked, but survived thankfully. Enjoy this lovely weather everyone
  9. Good afternoon all, Lovely bright sunny and warm today, with a touch of low level cloud. Very still, not breeze at all. Take care
  10. Good evening all, and especially to you Tams, Yes indeed, April is looking rather on the chilly side as you say. Rather late in the season to enjoy this sort of inversion for me, but we can't choose the weather. The local country park has dried up nicely, but the dogs and me met up with a rather large bulldozer this morning shifting the piles of mud that had covered the pathways. Should keep him busy for a few weeks
  11. Oh dear Ali, Poor Mr. P Making the tea could be a dangerous occupation given his problems Yes, low pressure asserting it's grip now., but as you stated, at least it won't be quite the washout as in previous weeks
  12. Hi all, Noticeably much cooler today and the wind feels very chilly indeed. Over cast and grey day
  13. Hi all, Who's pinched the like buttons then?? Glorious spring day today. all of my Daffs are in full bloom with the forget me nots not far behind. Birdies are singing their little socks off.....fabulous
  14. Yes Tadpole, I've noticed lots of bees and ladybirds too. As you say, I hope they haven't emerged too early. Which type of tomato are you growing this year. Ps.... fab, warm afternoon
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