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  1. I got a glut of damsons this year and made wine. 40 bottles of it - the catch is that it takes a year to lose the tannin edge and become drinkable! Aaaargh.
  2. @CatchMyDrift da beech is still there I see! I waited till near dusk for a gap in the showers for my walk, dashed out and the rain came on twice as hard 🤣
  3. Much the same old bean, mine's out of a tall brown bottle from Chile... We were up Glen Strathfarrer 4 weekends ago and the colours on the trees were really good. First autumn for a few years when the leaves hadn't been shredded before developing their full colours. There was a gale a few days later.... and it's been a bit breezy out this evening, although easing off now.
  4. Did someone say grey? Dearie me, dull doesn't describe it. Rain incoming too. But at least it's mild eh?
  5. And we have a frost for the first time in god knows how long!!!! -1C out there - sensor on solar panel and the car says so too. <falls off chair>
  6. We had a second flowering of the lupins in September. Never seen that, ever. And my mother's phloxes did the same, again never before.
  7. If this was all we were getting, even 20 years ago, we'd be gulping shots in despair. It's flipping desperate stuff. By the way, I hope everyone is well. Too much crap going on just now. My spring, summer, autumn disappeared with me having to keep working on a non-covid safe site. Until I waved an erect middle digit at them a few weeks ago and got my life back.
  8. Yes. The Smyrline one from Hirtshals to Seyðisfjordur. You get a day at Torshavn too. Recommended if you have a strong stomach, maybe not otherwise. But I loved it.
  9. Half a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape and I still don't get it. Perhaps something stronger needed?
  10. ROFLMAO 😆 5.5C and windy, dry for now. VW pocket rocket has nice wide Nokian Weatherproofs on now. The Bridgestone Weathercontrols I put on it for the Iceland roadtrip last year managed about 10k miles then were down to the wear limits so I wouldn't recommend them (although the wear rate may have had something to do with a day of high speed, mild weather travel on German autobahns 🤪). The Yeti is about to get a set of Goodyear Vector 3 cos they came out very well in recent reviews. All the good winter and all-season tyres seem to have much the same sort of tread design but there's
  11. That's the AGW winter for you. You can give it all the technopiffle you like but the atmosphere is changing so quickly that long-lasting snowy spells seem really unlikely.
  12. Lol. You turn the place into some sort of page 3 retro show, whaddya expect, culture? Rain on again, 6.5C.
  13. What's the outlook then? Some sleety showers tonight then back to rain?
  14. I guess it might roughly follow a sine wave but the weather will do what the weather wants which these days is pretty random! The diurnal range seems all over the place, sometimes many times greater (for a few days) than at other times. The joy of being an island downwind of a big ocean... Iceland is a similar story but even more extreme: winds and precipitation are really extreme at times.
  15. Ah, here comes summer! 10C and horizontal rain
  16. A max of 5C till mid afternoon then the cloud rolled away and the sun warmed us up - a bit! Finally got 8C at 6pm in Thurso. This was at about 8.30am
  17. Heavy sleet and hail showers again this morning including one that woke me up at about 6 - that was really crazy for 10 minutes. Glimpsed Morven briefly, streaked white down to low levels now. Strong north or north-westerly breeze in showers making it feel very unpleasant.
  18. Getting this front hammering through Caithness just now, very wet sleety rain and blustery as it clears out. Car thermometer says 4C and it feels nasty. It's coming your way!
  19. Wyvis again this morning, showing smaller and fewer old patches and yesterday's snow already limited to a thin, melting dusting above about 900m. Tomorrow morning looks unpleasant to be out in in the north. Yay, I'll do it.
  20. Well quite. It wasn't really winter. I went for a solitary walk this afternoon, looking for something to wipe the gloom. Fkn politicians, can't they get something RIGHT for a change? The view west from up the hill, couldn't see the hills to say whether they were white or not Then above the wood, it tried to snow for a few minutes pretty poor really Looking across to Nairn (which about where the brightest bit of low cloud is) and @Northernlights And more sun through the fresh leaves on the birch And home to catch up on Ms HC's t
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