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  1. No disrespect to Robbo, he was a great footballer , especially for West Brom and Man utd, unfortuanately thats as far it goes, Trouble is with Robbo , he has gone to manage low profile clubs with no money to spend, When he was at West Brom , he had to scrape through with on loan players , and players from abroad on loan,, even when we was promoted he never really got any money to spend in the transfer window,, Personally i think he has never had the chance to prove that he could become a good manager. {One day} I must admit he did well at the Baggies by keeping them up, { but again no one gave him a chance has soon as we were relegated} I reckon he would do well managing a team in the lower divisions , but not the two top flights. [ Hopefully i will be proved wrong} , but thats my view anyway nigel as far as passing him back to us NO CHANCE ,
  2. KEVIN pHILLIPS WAS A BARGAIN BUY FOR US , AND AT A SNIP TOO. HE HAS THE ABILITY TO SCORE A GOAL OUT OF NOTHING. He is becoming our local hero , and rapidly catching up Tony Brown , our all time great, Nigel
  3. Morning Paul At the moment im very wary of our away perfomances, we need to tighten up at the back , How can you call west brom your bogey team, remember years back you thrahed the pants of us 7...1 and then beat us in the semi final of the FA- cup , i was at both games , [ now im showing my age lol] nigel
  4. Timmy Can i take my bottle of bubbly now then please!!! West broms next away game at Ipswich on Tuesday kick off 1500 , Going by west broms away form just recently im going for Ipswich to take all 3 points from us , My guess Ipswich 2 West Brom 1 { all depends which team play on Tuesday} if we send the team which play well at home on a regular basis then it will be a good game , but if we send the team what lost at Stoke and Sheffield, then its curtains for us Nigel
  5. Full time West Brom 5 Scunny 0 Puts us 3 points clear of Watford Boing boing Come on yopu baggies nigel
  6. West Brom 4 Scunny 0 Zolten Gera after 74 mins Nigel This is becoming a rout West Brom 5 Scunny 0 Craig Beattie after 80 mins nigel
  7. West Brom 3 Scunny 0 another one for Kevin Phillips { he is on fire at the moment} Come on you Baggies nigel Joe Murphy saved penalty for Scunny Nigel
  8. West Brom 2 Scunny 0 Koren on 45 mins phillps on 34 mins could there be another 4 goals on the cards nigel
  9. West Brom 1 Scunny 0 Kevin Phillips after 34minutes Nigel
  10. Another 4 goals for the baggies today West brom 4 Bristol City 1 How many goals can we score this season, i reckon the way we are going we are going to break the 100 goal barrier this season Nigel Boing Boing
  11. Morning Ian See what i mean about Stoke being our Bogey team Nigel
  12. Ian Gera has been brilliant for us for the past two seasons, No wonder top teams like Liverpool were chasing him last year! but he decided to stay with the Baggies, If we dont make it this year Gera will go for certain! Nigel
  13. Im not going to be boing boing tonight As i mentioned last week , we never seem to get any kind of result against Stoke , definately a bogey team for us Stoke 3 west brom 1 still suggesting we could do with at least a defender being bought in in the January transfer window!, Nigel
  14. Stoke City 2 West Brom 0 {Half time} Stoke City still and always will be our Bogey team Nigel
  15. Ian Good evening too you !! STOKE CITY have always been a Bogey team for WEST BROM, We just can never seem to get a decent result from them away or home Should be a good game However saying this im going for a draw 2- 2 Nigel Just to add to my last post Gera is playing out of his skin at the moment , linking up well with Bednar, also Brunt is playing quite well, the team has a whole are playing exceptionally well, infact well enough to keep our top strikers on the bench for todays match { Kevin Phillips and Miller} can you imagine if we played with four strikers up front one afternoon, Nigel
  17. we are top of the league, say we are top of the league First time since February, we are looking down on everybody! WEST BROM 4 CHARLTON 2 Goals from Bednar, just before half time, goal from Gera just after half time , 2nd goal from Gera, then Super Kev {Kevin Phillips} returned with 20 mins to go and scored, What a performance, Chris Brunt excellent crosser of the ball , Gera and Bednar interlinking quite well, Top of the league with a +21 goal differance, Ok only if for a few hours , but we are making our challenge BOING BOING from a very happy Baggies fan Nigel CATCH US IF YOU CAN
  18. Coventry have just retaken the lead , West brom 2 coventry 3 im going to drown my sorrows nigel Game over for west brom West Brom 2 Coventry 4 and still playing I think this is one of our heaviest defeats at home this year nigel all i can say is Robinson you are a Plonker Nigel
  19. West Brom have just pulled one back {Roman Bednar after 51 minutes] again Nigel West Brom 1- Coventry 2 Coventry have collapsed West Brom 2 Coventry 2 Chris Brunt after 64 minutes COME ON YOU BAGGIES NIGEL dRAT AND DOUBLE DRAT Paul Robinson {West Brom}just been sent off {2nd bookable offence} nigel
  20. Oh No 2 - to Coventry city, , and just think if theygo into adminstration , which is looking very likely, they could be bottom of the championship , with a 10point deduction COME ON YOU BAGGIES a win tonight would put us above Watford if they lose nigel
  21. Draw at Crystal Palace denues the Baggies from going top of the Championship, Gap now down to 1 point , West Brom have rallied well for the first part of the season, especially with alot of decent players leaving, However Mowbrey has found some new talent, and the team have clicked really well, Winning the championship looks a good possibility for the Baggies, Nigel COME ON YOU BAGGIES BOING BOING
  22. Plymouth 0 West Brom 1, {Roman Bednar after 8 minutes} Come on you Baggies Nigel
  23. Black country derby today West Brom v Wolves my prediction, 2- 1 to west brom Come on you Baggies, lets show those Dingles Nigel
  24. Excellent win for the Baggies at high flying Watford , Watford 0 West Brom 3 , that puts us 1 point behind Bristol City who slipped up at Wolves with a 1- 1 draw and 5 points behind leaders Watford, next in line Sheffield Wednesday at home Tuesday night ,this should be a toughie but i think we could scrape through with a 2 - 1 { on paper this should be a home win} however we always slip up against the teams towards the foot of the table , I just hope Gera signs his new contract, it would be a blow if he left , as personally i think he his one of our most talented players . Reason he is stalling is because he wants first team football , and Mowbrey cannot guarentee him that , he has only started one game out of the last 7 Nigel
  25. Evening everyone Colchester 3 West Brom 2 Good win for Cochester , terrible result for the Baggies , {hope that was just a small Gltch} still a long way to go though Phillips and Miller scorers for the Baggies Oh well back to the drawing board Nigel
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