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  1. 7 minutes ago, Mark88 said:

    This is why most of us in the region forum, particularly in the west of the region, hate easterlies haha. Oh well the sunny, crisp weather has been lovely. I'd take this over endless rain. Sadly I knew my 0cm prediction before this would be correct, I was hoping it wouldn't be but I'd been down this particular garden path too many times. 

    Yeah it’s a tough place to be on the west coast if your after snow 

     we have had a complete lack of polar north westerlies for a few years thinking early March might deliver one 

  2. 4 minutes ago, sheikhy said:

    The thing is even at 162 hours the block is still there and front are struggling to get any further than us!!!this is not over by a long way!!!especially if ecm moves towards gfs!


    Get your magnifying glass out but even after the front has died a death and slipped away south the revenants are still wintry in nature over the south east at day 7

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  3. Latest GFS has the front over Ireland and delayed I think people are chasing rainbows with this breakdown uppers slowly mixed out with the cold at the surface then a quick pulse of a dying front to finish of the cold 


    which is a shame because the whole region can do really well at the breakdown especially a slow protracted one.

    the sun is out and it’s -4 and it’s glorious 

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