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  1. BA...Tell peeps what that means...that means a milder flow.
  2. Nick the Da Vinci code doesn't come close to unravelling the GFS/ECM/UKM/CMA saga
  3. Agreed so can most coldies take your comment on board lol
  4. Because of pressure rises on Scandi 500 charts BA? Me with a pv raging and nothing showing ill go with zonal for Dec but its tough to call.
  5. I Don't really view ensembles that well tbh...I prefer ops
  6. But have you studied the following 10-15 height anomaly - Heights flattened and sunk suggesting zonal Jet more Zonal west to east PV Strong Heights over Europe building I certainly don't want this but it is what is shown.
  7. No its what the polar vortex strength, gfs, jet, anomaly charts suggest so im going by them
  8. Accepted BA but come on 95% of signals do not show M/HLB and if that happens mid Dec is going to be zonal to cool...People need to know Mid range for most of UK isn't going to be 2010...I love deep cold snow....However it isn't going to happen in Mid range for much of UK as many want.
  9. However we wont experience any Easterly this side of Xmas and deep down we all know it
  10. I totally agree ba...everything points to a disappointing mid December whatever chart you look at....unfortunately
  11. Anomaly charts look poor for any sustained mid to hlb...Yes computer generated tonight but doesn't look pretty
  12. 95% flatten....Oh im not ABNS....But it will flatten given the strength of the PV ...not really what I want to see. But flatten after a 4 cold day snap...hardly memorable.
  13. When the Chinese come out to play you know the GFS USA merchants begin to panic
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