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  1. Afternoon All, After a cloudy start here in south east Essex, we had a brief light rain shower around 11:00, and now the sun has come out and moved the temps along to 22.5 degrees, no sign of any storm activity yet. Cheers FC
  2. evening all, Gentle rainfall just started here in Southend, not a breath of wind though... FC
  3. Hi all, After a fantastic November here in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (aka SW France) it is starting to turn a bit colder, we might have to think about putting the garden furniture away for the winter. We used to call November one of our 2 rainy months when we first moved here, but not much rain fell in November this year and sunshine amounts were almost 80% above average. Monday (7th Dec) is showing the possibility of a few snowflakes falling almost anywhere in France we'll see what pans out. At this time of year around our coasts the sea is still quite warm (relatively) so the chances are not high for snow for us in the Cognac area, Angouleme is generally the border for snow extent in early winter in these parts but you never know. Take care all FC
  4. Evening folks, After a beautiful day here in Southend, I just heard a rumble of thunder and dark clouds are moving in from the south.... FC
  5. Afternoon all, first drops of rain fell here in Southend, but there were not that many, the sun is now trying to fight back... Cheers FC update, now I am not sure if that was thunder or an aircraft (checked FR24 and nothing was close) strange weather indeed
  6. Afternoon all, I hope everyone is staying safe, finally a properly warm day here on the Thames Estuary, you know when real warmth arrives because it comes into the house when you have the doors and windows open. I can safely say that this is the first properly warm day. The weather was great yesterday but no real warmth got into the house. That finally happened an hour ago here in Southend, but with all the cloud bubbling up in the area I think we could be seeing some wet stuff a bit later heralding the start of the cool down. Take care all FC
  7. Morning all, A hefty hail, rain and some snow falling in Southend at the moment and lots of wind... Update - now just rain..... Cheers FC
  8. Evening all, It is all very quiet here in the Southend area a few splashes of rain but nothing as dramatic as some other folks have had Cheers FC
  9. huge crack of thunder over the City of London just now, I predict heavy rain in 30 mins when I head out of office Cheers FC
  10. A bit more rain falling in Southend, but nothing dramatic so far.... the wind is incredibly warm... Cheers FC
  11. Evening all, First rumble of distant thunder and the first few drops of rain starting to fall in the Southend area Cheers FC
  12. Morning all, I timed my departure to work very badly, as I stepped out of the front door at 5:00 the heavens opened, I barely got 20 yards up the road and had to retreat and get changed and switch to the car. I did not see any thunder and lightning just heavy rain. When I got to Westcliff station, which is at the bottom of a hill, a river of water had formed a waterfall off the edge of the platform onto the tracks, I have never see that before. Cheers all FC
  13. evening all, Interesting drive from Southend to London this afternoon, I had almost everything, sun, rain, hail, sleet, even a few snow flakes, could have sworn I saw a flash of lightning, but can't be sure on that. Then on the way back this evening I saw the gritters were out on the A127. Highest temp today was 10 degrees, and the lowest (so far) was 2 degrees, according to my car. Interesting weather ? Cheers FC
  14. must get back to work and stop staring out of the window, looks like it has turned back to rain here in Blackfriars.. FC
  15. Not the best pic in the world, but does show the snow attempting to settle on the grass
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