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  1. As of the end of February the uk agency stated that reservoirs in England were at 90% full. It’s been a wet march and I’d anticipate them being close to full by end of spring. Last year we were ok and it was one of the driests spells on record. No worries to be had IMO.
  2. Thank you I appreciate that. I’m honoured to have heard the stories, seen the pictures. You’re right. We’ve lost something as a nation in a lot of the newer generations. Not saying there aren’t lots of decent people but the selflessness and chivalry is disappearing as a common feature in daily life
  3. I admire anyone who cares for the elderly in care homes. As you say getting paid pittance to be the best possible carer you can be. My grandad was moved into a care home yesterday as he’s 92 and been poorly lately and needed more round the clock care. I had a lovely dream about him last night in his new cosy room and he said he was happy. I woke up this morning to the sad news he passed away during his sleep. He was such a gentleman - the world’s lost another from the golden generation. I’ll be toasting a drink in honour of him tonight.
  4. How oppressive can it get in saddleworth? I’d have thought not too often like it can in the capital (genuine question) though i guess it’s all relative. totally agree though - I hate the oppressive heat. Worse part of summer - I had to invest in an air con unit last year.
  5. Hi Tom, I agree we can get some great snowfalls into March. I think as we head into the next few weeks and on into March then the chance of sustained cold after a snowfall gets less and less, but the chance of heavy snow events actually doesn't decrease. So if its heavy snow that sticks around a few days then we might still be luck. If it's days and days of sub zero temp then that's when hopes gets dashed. Unless we get a repeat of March 2018 :-)
  6. It’s been raining all day here. Thoroughly miserable. The snow is desperately hanging on. 7 days now with snow cover. I think it’ll be all gone in the morning at this rate
  7. The sun did less damage today than I thought it would. Enough snow still around here to keep me happy...just taken this pic
  8. Cold overnight and brilliant sunshine this morning but strangely no frost. The road out of the close is still snow and icy. Today is day 6 of continual snow cover with 3 separate snow events. I can’t complain about that
  9. Made national headlines it did. Here’s another pic from there. Crazy. I drove through there at about 5:30/6 just before the worst of it. I do love the community around here for that.
  10. Actually just came back round to sledging place (highest point) and snow pretty much all gone from the trees and so many people here sledging not sure it’s worth it
  11. Lol funny as I just edited it as although the thaws started there’s still good amounts up here.
  12. Lovely pics! You really were at the sweet spot. And what a cutie
  13. A friend just sent me this pic of Walderslade Woods road. The roads shut and a massive clear up under way. No wonder it was chaos round here last night!
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