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  1. Not weather related but regional related.... I'm staying in Farnham Dorset for the week soon and wondered if anyone had any suggestions for sightseeing/days out. It'll also include a 2 year old but she loves outdoors anyway. Any suggestions for that region? I'm happy to travel up to an hour. Cheers
  2. I agree - Mine only cost 200 quid ad works a treat. For those on a budget plan now for next year and that's 20 pounds a month (assuming you get it in early summer) . Great value for money.
  3. Cheers - i like the sound of heating too - usable and beneficial all year. Some quotes I've got vary considerable. The best so far - 2500 for 3 outlets in the ceiling (three main bedrooms) and the main unit fitted
  4. I was literally just reading about this - one of her books was changed because in it she talks abut a girl who had short hair and was being teased that she looked like a boy. Have we really gone that far as a society
  5. portable air con unit - it's the best investment I've made. Room was 31oC. Turned it on - down to 23oC by bedtime. It noisy so switch it to fan mode at night. The room creeps back up to 25/26oC and holds. So nice. Though after the last few summers looking at permanent air con for upstairs.
  6. Looking for recommendations please....decent weather station that reports to your mobile phone. Under £50 possible?

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    2. CanadianCoops


      That's great - thank you!

    3. Mapantz


      There are no stations that report to your mobile phone per se. There are stations that upload to their own database which you can access via a mobile device but not for under £50.

    4. CanadianCoops


      Do you know if it'd be an App you'd have and access to view the data. If so I'd be interested if the price wasn't too high

  7. Apparantly in high doses its enough. Some people take a lower dose daily - but it worked for me once a week. My mood picked up with vit D and B so fingers crosed
  8. Yes. I was ill and got my vit D checked. It was very low. I now take one tablet once a week (20,000 iu) and my vit D levels within 3 months we’re back to normal and I feel much better. I get them online. Much cheaper. Also try vit B complex. It’s greatly helped with mood and overall feeling of wellness too.
  9. Our heating came on this morning! It’s set to 18 and came on. In August. Am I back in the Canadian Rockies lol
  10. When we had that plume I said we'd pay for it in August but get a nice September. I hope I'm right about September otherwise it'll be very depressing going into autumn/winter like this
  11. I never plan anything in August, always leave it til September - it seems to me decent 'summer' months are usually June, July and September these days. Can we just miss out August next year lol
  12. I drove the car from Medway to Herne Bay yesterday at 5pm and it registered as 39oC the whole way. How accurate are car thermometers? Either way I think many places surpassed the record temp of 38.5oC but unfortunately the official sites are few and far between in north Kent.
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